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"Brother, I miss you so much!!"
—Ayla's reunion with Hikitsu before war.


Ayla Chen チェン アイラ(Aira Chen) also known as Aira, Aila , is Hikitsu's younger sister who appears in the prequel series Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. She is voiced by Sayuri Yahagi in Japanese. She positively idolizes her brother, probably because he dotes on her so much. In trying to warn her brother of a monster once, she was accidently frozen into a big chunk of ice by Tomite along with said monsters. Her beloved big brother watched over her frozen, but not dead body for an entire year before Tomite returned and was able to defrost her.

Character Outline

"Wha...Such a beautiful girl."
—Takiko after seeing Ayla in the block of ice

Even being accidently incased in a block of ice by Tomite, Ayla still loves Tomite and later confesses her love, and agrees to stay with Tomite's mother. Her thoughts about Tomite seems to be kind and good because maybe she does not remember the incident. She bears a striking resemblance to Takiko. Ayla is rather quiet and gentle, having no trouble expressing her feelings. When she was younger, she is always seen close to her brother, Hikitsu, especially during dangers and emergencies or even sudden wars and battles. Ayla can be seen capable of managing a calm face in any situation if her older brother was beside her or near her. Ayla is timid and shy and much more to the "girly" side. Her character was emphasized when she asked Tomite for a dance, which seemed to be messed-up and only half-audible, but in the end, Tomite agrees.


Ayla is freed.

When beasts attacked the Ha and Kan Tribes' former village, Tomite accidentally encased her in ice. The trauma of the incident, which included the death of his father, caused Tomite to forget what had happened after Hikitsu saved him. For the past year, Hikitsu has guarded Ayla's icy prison and she is freed only after Tomite returns to find Hikitsu. Having lived a sheltered and isolated life, she considers Tomite her only friend, and she now has a huge crush on Tomite. She has in fact admitted her love to him a few times, with her brothers full support, although Tomite seems to find the whole thing very awkward. First she asked him to dance during the Ha tribe's winter festival for the next night (the festival was a 3-day event, Tomite accepted, but was unknown as to whether he kept his promise since Takiko caught a fever later that evening and the team was seen aiding her the next day). She also gave him a stone wishing him a safe return, which is something typically exchanged between lovers. Again, Tomite accepted for fear of Hikitsu's wrath. After Tomite releases her to free Hikitsu of the responsibility of protecting her, Ayla stays with Tomite's mother.