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Title: Battle of Sorrow

Romaji: Kanashiki Tatakai

Kana: 哀しき戦い

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen

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Kanashiki Tatakai

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City of Resurrection


Magic Flute


Tamahome, in the Kutou palace, tries to escape, but he is caught by Nakago and tortured severely by whips. Hotohori cannot bring himself to kill Miaka, so he goes to talk to Myo Juan again. While they are there, they mention Shoka, and Juan tells them that it is impossible because she died a year ago. Back in Shoka's house, Shoka tries to kill Miaka several times, but Miaka evades them and talks her out of it, saying she has her faith in Hotohori. Hotohori, Nuriko, and Genro hurry back to Miaka but are attacked by the possessed villagers, who are now zombies. Shoka yells at Miaka telling her to get away from her, but Miaka can't hear her. Hotohori, Nuriko, and Genrō arrive at Shoka's house, with a mysterious fighter, who is Myo Juan.

Shoka accuses him of leaving her to die, and Miaka suddenly deduces that Shoka and Juan were lovers. Shoka sprouts a sickness demon from her back that had possessed her when she died and tries to eat Miaka. Shoka begs Juan to kill her with his "Great Healing Power". Juan does so, and the house vanishes and the villagers fall down in a faint, unpossessed. Juan heals Miaka and he is revealed as Mitsukake, the sixth of the Suzaku Seven. He tells them that he used his Suzaku powers to become the village doctor, and he was called very far away when Shoka was suffering from the illness. He came back too late to save her, but Miaka tells him that Shoka looks happy now.