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Bewildered Heartbeat (Tomado Kodo ) is the fifth episode of the original 1995 Fushigi Yuugi anime adaptation


Hotohori, Tamahome, Nuriko, and Miaka camping.

Hotohori questions Tamahome about Miaka's illness and threatens Tamahome that if he is the one who caused it, he will make him pay.

Tamahome and Miaka, both embarrassed at the spring.

Miaka is seriously ill, so Hotohori resolves to send her home, using the assistance of Taiitsukun, a great magician. Hotohori tells Miaka of this plan, on one condition: for her to come back to Konan once she's well again.

Outside, Nuriko accuses Tamahome of being jealous of Hotohori, telling him to apologize to Miaka so that Hotohori will be free for Nuriko. They set off to go to Taiitsukun, with a tense feeling between Miaka and Tamahome. That night, Nuriko tells Miaka to bathe in the spring nearby the area they set up camp.

Once Miaka has left to bathe Nuriko tells Tamahome to go to the spring, saying that Miaka asked him to meet her there. Meanwhile, Miaka has undressed and is bathing in the spring. Suddenly her leg is caught by something in the water. Tamahome comes to her rescue - only for them both to find that it was just a piece of debris that startled Miaka. Once the panic is over Tamahome and Miaka become aware that Miaka is nude, and both become embarrassed and apologize profusely.

Tamahome leaves and Nuriko, who was spying on the scene, reveals herself. Miaka rushes up and hugs Nuriko. In the process, Nuriko's top slides off slightly revealing that Nuriko has a flat chest and is, in fact, a male, much to Miaka's shock.

The next day, Hotohori and Miaka have a heart-to-heart discussion, which makes Tamahome and Nuriko jealous.

While they are journeying through the wilderness towards Taiitsukun, she decides to test the group to see whether they are strong enough. She sends out a thick fog. Tamahome inadvertently insults Miaka in a heated moment when the two of them become separated from Hotohori and Nuriko, and she runs off. As she goes deeper into the wilderness she suddenly sees a table, overflowing with delicious food, and runs towards it. The table turns out to be an illusion, and Miaka finds herself trapped inside a mirror.

There she is confronted by someone: an evil reflection of herself.

Miaka trapped inside the mirror

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