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Bihou Kyou is a supporting character in Tamahome's light novel: Shugyoku Den. She is a wealthy girl who lives in Konan's capital city of Eiyou with her father Senmei Kyou.


Upon her first appearance, Bihou is shown to be rude, materialistic, and judgemental. She looks down on the lower class and holds herself in high esteem regarding her beauty and wealth.

Apart from being spoiled by her father, Senmei Kyou, she exhibits a moment of kindness in the light novel. Instead of throwing the lower class Fuka out of her home, she dresses her up in finer clothes, claiming she would attract more men that way.

When she hires Tamahome after he saved her life, she is immediately attracted to the warrior and continues to flirt with him throughout his stay, convinced that her good-looks are irresistible to his naivety. But she grows frustrated when her feelings are not returned.

Bihou is also partial to dresses designed by the Cho Family and their textile business. She appears to be a regular customer and praises their work.


Tamahome fighting Mimadou

Bihou makes her debut in Chapter 4 as she is walking in the streets of Eiyou. When her stroll is interrupted by Fuka, who bumps into her, Bihou bursts into a furious rant about her "custuom Cho dress" being ruined.

Slightly peeved, Fuka attempts to retaliate but the two are interrupted by a serpent-like monster, the beastly pet of the Kutou sorcerer, Mimadou. Bihou watches in terror as Fuka makes a lunge for the beast before Yuma and Tamahome intervenes.

Terrified that the beast would come after her and captivated by the warrior's impressive skill, the wealthy girl hires Tamahome as her personal bodyguard and takes him back to her mansion.

There, Bihou attempts to seduce Tamahome by dressing in thin clothing and inviting him into her bedroom. But the warrior decides to drill routines he learned from Tokaki, much to her dismay. Still, she hopelessly believes that, because of her physical appearance, Tamahome will give her his shugyoku jewel to prove his love for her and she will not have to pay him to be around her.

Bihou attempting to seduce Tamahome

Later on in the novel, Fuka is found by some of Bihou's servants and brought to her. After lamenting that Tamahome still has not given her his jewel, the wealthy girl turns her attention to Fuka.

She chastises her on her clothes, smell, and androgynous appearance before passively guessing Fuka has feelings for the warrior. Seeing her flustered reaction confirms Bihou's suspicions and she decides to give the poor girl a makeover. She even lends her the new Cho dress she bought to replace the one that was "ruined" when they first met.

Fuka uses this opportunity to tell Bihou about Senmei Kyou's bankruptcy and the deal he made to sell Tamahome to Mimadou in exchange for money and his daughter's life. In turn, Bihou reveals that she already knew about her father's estate but grows worried for the warrior.

But before they can chat any further, Mimadou's men break in and kidnap Fuka, mistaking her for Bihou, leaving the wealthy girl startled and alone. When Tamahome and Yuma return to her mansion to search for their friend, she fills them in on Fuka's whereabouts, shocked that Mimadou, whose monster preyed on beautiful girls, mistook the transformed Fuka for her.

When Mimadou is defeated, she wishes Fuka, Tamahome, and Yuma farewell and begins her attempt to fix her father's financial troubles.