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Borate Tan (Bouraate Tan) is Tomite's mother. One of the few percentage of countrymen who believes in the Legend of Genbu out of the whole Hokkan empire, she successfuly manages to persuade some of her tribesmen to believe it. She's a portly, middle aged woman who sincerely believes in Takiko and her son's divinity, and that they will be the ones to end the poverty and conflicts that plague Hokkan.

She has dealt with a lot of hardship in her life, not limited to her husbands violent death.

She commands a lot of respect, so while kind hearted, circumstances have made her a tough woman. She keeps her son in line, watches over many other people in the Ha Tribe, and radiates a motherly authority. Takiko finds a lot of solace in Borate's unconditional motherly love, especially at a time where she has just lost her own mother, and is struggling to come to terms with being the Priestess of Genbu. When the tribe is under attack, Borate throws herself in the way of harm, taking several arrows in the back to protect Takiko. It's not until then that Takiko realises how much the people in Hokkan value her, and she then accepts her role as Priestess of Genbu.