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Miaka approaching his brother, Keisuke

Title: Brief Parting (Aitai)

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen.

When Yui's mother picks up the phone and tells her that Yui is still not home, Miaka goes to her own house and she tells her big brother, Keisuke about the events in the book. Though he says he does not believe her, he warns her to stay away from it. However, Miaka had already promised Hotohori and the others that she would return in the book. She also realizes that Yui may have been taken into the book in exchange for her, and thought of the blue light, and when they were first transported Yui suddenly was transported back into the library. After packing some of her things and some snacks, she returns to the library.

Keisuke, in his friend's car, spots her and tries to stop her, but Miaka says good-bye and opens the book, and she was transported into the book again. In the other world, Hotohori welcomes her back and tells her that it has been three months since she left and that their country is now caught up in a war. Miaka then realizes that time flies faster in the book. He asks her to hurry to summon Suzaku .

She looks for Tamahome to ask him to help find the rest of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, but he has left the Konan palace. Miaka, joined by Nuriko, go to find him. Miaka wonders how Tamahome could have left, but Nuriko explains to her that Tamahome really missed Miaka while she was gone, and said that he never ate anything except for the plate, he wasn't himself lately and drooling and daydreaming, he almost got eaten by the birds, and that he does love her. Suddenly, the surroundings become pitch-dark.

Nuriko and Miaka are dismounted from their horse, and a man with a pickax towers over Miaka. When the man speaks, Miaka realizes it's just Tamahome. They are glad to be reunited and seeing each other again, however, the torches suddenly went out and a pair of hands pull Miaka into the dark forest.