The Cho Family primarily specializes in fabric production and clothing design. This craft has been practiced for generations, tracing its roots back to about 200 years prior to the events of the original series. The hub of their business, "Cho Dai Bansho" or "Cho House," is located in Konan's capital, Eiyou.

Family members are introduced in the original series, OVA 1, Nuriko's light novel Yukiyasha Den, and Genbu Kaiden.


Name Description(In relation to Nuriko) Status
Unnamed Cho Ancestor Deceased
Teishin Cho Father Alive
Ryouan Cho Mother Alive
Sojun Cho Uncle Alive
Fuyoh Cho Aunt by Marriage Deceased
Rokou Cho Eldest Child Alive
Ryuuen Cho Middle Child Reincarnated
Korin Cho Youngest Child Deceased

Primary Members

Teishin, the father of the Cho household, manages his business from afar after inheriting it from his father and his father before that. He relies on his eldest son, Rokou, to handle the bulk of production and customer service until he retires. Most people believe the shop is exclusively Rokou's for this reason. All accounts depict Teishin as an ambitious man who has grown to be quite content in his later years. He is proud of Rokou's dedication to the family business and Nuriko's status as a Suzaku Warrior but worries about his well-being.

Ryouan married into the Cho family from another well-off family. She is a cheerful woman who is very in-tune with news about the royal family and other members of the upper-class and supports her family by putting her best face forward. As the mother of three children, her concern for Ryuuen grew when he took on his younger sister's persona after her death. And so, hesitant about public opinion, Ryouan ultimately made the decision to send Ryuuen away to Yukigase in order to find himself. Having lost her only daughter, Ryouan simply wants the best for her two remaining sons and tries to point them in the direction she sees fit.

Other Relatives

Brother to Teishin, Sojun preferred the mountains to the city life and made a living in Yukigase. He did not know the truth about Ryuuen's gender because Ryouan sent out word that her son was killed in the accident instead of Korin to cover-up his cross-dressing. Ryuuen later admits the truth at the end of Yukiyasha Den.


Takiko purchasing clothing from a Cho family member in Genbu Kaiden

In Genbu Kaiden, an Unnamed Cho family member made an appearance when Takiko, Uruki, Tomite, Hatsui, Namame, and Hikitsu journeyed to Konan to find Inami. The woman possessed some trademark Cho traits, such as dark violet hair and a beauty mark which, unlike Nuriko, was under her right eye. She lived in a village that was about half a day‘s walk from Eiyou and ran a small fabric shop. After the Genbu warriors paid for clothing appropriate for the Konan climate, she revealed that her family had just opened another fabric shop in the capital ("Cho Dai Bansho") before giving them directions.

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