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"No! I don't wanna go! No!!!"

Chosei is the reincarnation of the Suzaku warrior Mitsukake. He is seen along with the reincarnation of his lover, Shoka in the 3rd OVA.





Alternate names "Kid"
Debut OVA 3
Appears in

Light Novel



Reincarnaiton of a Celestial Warrior



Mother (Unnamed)

Father (Unnamed)


"Hey mister! Are you a bad guy?! Get away from Shoka! Get away from her or I'll....I'll...!"
—Chosei, to the trio

After Taka, Tasuki, and Chichiri talk with the reincarnation of Shoka. A boy named Chosei also appears and the trio realize that he is Mitsukake. Chousei refuses to go with them and they have to leave to continue their search. Shōka convinces Chousei to go with the others, but after he leaves she is attacked by some mysterious birds. Taka, Chichiri, and Tasuki hear the commotion and return to the village. They find Shōka near death and Chousei possessed by a fake Byakko. After he is freed, Chousei's dormant memories and abilities as Mitsukake return. He heals Shoka and Taka's wounds.

Later after Reishun and Eian along with the trio manage to defeat the fake Suzaku, Taiitsukun brings the reincarnations of the other warriors and warns them that the Shinzaho is in danger.

Appearance and Personality

Chosei looks very much like Mitsukake: black hair and fair skin color. He wears a green kimono and is relatively short. He is very protective of Shoka since he was unable to save her in his past life, and is shrinked down to a coward. However, he remembers his time as a Suzaku warrior and revives Mitsukake, managing to heal Shoka when she is attacked by mysterious birds.

Shoka reawakens his courage by yelling at him about how she hates cowards. This inspires him to try his best and not to be a coward.