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Title: The City of Ressurection

Romaji: Yomigaeri no Miyako

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen

City of Resurrection
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Yomigaeri no Miyako

Episode Guide

For the sake of love


Battle of sorrow

The three of them ask forTasuki before they leave Mt. Reikaku. Eiken denies that he knows who Tasuki is, and Genro tells them that Tasuki is dead. When they visit Tasuki's grave the next morning, one bandit tells them of rumors and sayings telling that in the city of Choko, there lives a person who can resurrect the dead. Meanwhile, in Kutou, Yui also learns this.

Miaka, Hotohori and Nuriko leave for Choko, and soon, they meet a woman named Shoka. Miaka takes off Shoka's clothes to see if she has marks on her body when they see the character "Chariot" in the mirror Taiitsukun gave them to help them search. Shoka is offended and surprised. They learn that Shoka has the ability to resurrect the dead, and Shoka tells the three of them about a disease that causes high fever, even worse and painful than death. When they ask Shoka to come with them, she refuses to do so, saying that her powers only exist within Choko.

The trio leave to bring Tasuki's corpse to Shoka and Miaka becomes weakened with a fever . Suddenly, corpses rise from the ground and ambush them, and they are saved when Genro suddenly appears, revealing himself to be Tasuki. Miaka weakens more, and they realize that Miaka has caught the high illness. In Kutou, meanwhile, Nakago brings the news of Miaka's illness to Yui and Tamahome. Yui is deeply troubled, then suppresses her worry and shock for Miaka, remembering that her troubles had been caused by her.

They watch as Miaka suffers the illness.

That same morning, Shoka, Miaka, and her three Warriors are led to a man called Myo Juan. Miaka steadily grows weaker, and so does Shoka. Miaka and the Warriors follow a young man to his house after Miaka had fought with him for a fish. They notice many jars of medicine so they ask for his help but he refuses and he turns them away.

Miaka collapses and she is brought to Shoka's house. Shoka tells them that resurrecting the dead is her only ability, so if Miaka is to be cured, she must first die. Hotohori, unable to bear to see Miaka's suffering, prepares to kill Miaka.