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Daichu Prep School is a minor, Real World location in Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play.

Culture and Reputation

Daichu is located inside the fictional Mizuno Building in Tokyo on the second floor. It is known for its perfect track record and strict practices. They have never turned out a student who did not pass their exams and the instructors pride themselves on this fact. One teacher in particular wields a bamboo stick inscribed with "tough love" on the handle and disciplines distracted students with a tap on the head.

Students are required to wear white headbands, or hachmakis, across their foreheads as a symbol of effort and courage in the face of their exams. If they are called on, students are also expected to stand up at the chalkboard in their classroom until they complete any given problem on the board.


In the original series, Miaka Yuki attends the rigorous prep school to focus on her high school entrance exams. It first appears in Chapter 1 of the Fushigi Yuugi manga. While the prep school teacher gives an impassioned speech about the exams being only two months away, Miaka is distracted by her trip inside the Universe of the Four Gods with Yui Hongo just hours earlier.

Wielding his bamboo stick, the teacher catches her lost in thought and questions her ability to get into her top school, Jonan Academy. He assumes she was not listening to his lecture before tapping the bamboo stick on her head. Without hesitation, Miaka recites his speech word-for-word until he is forced to stop her. Before he walks away, he comments that she can "always pray" the night before her exam. Miaka makes a face but silently confesses she does not want to take the Jonan exam and she wishes she had a god to pray to.

The next night, Miaka is on her way to Daichu when she spots her mother on a date with a man. Hurt by this, she still rushes to prep school but is distracted, prompting another confrontation with her teacher and earning her another tap from the bamboo stick. The prep school does not show up again in the manga, but Miaka's teacher makes a few appearances in her memories when she reflects on the stresses of school and her life back in Tokyo.