Dubious Recollections
Kanji 追憶の疑念
Romaji Tsuioku no Ginen
Volume 1
The Coming of the False Priestess The Girl Who Travels Between Worlds

Dubious Recollections (追憶の疑念, Tsuioku no Ginen) is the fourth chapter of Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki.


10 years have passed in the real world, and the now 18 years old Suzuno Osugi is about to graduate from high school. When she was thrown back into the post-Kanto earthquake in Tokyo as a little girl, she was rescued from child slavers by an orphaned boy named Seiji Horie. Then she, Seiji and other two orphaned boys, Hidero and Kenichi, were taken in by Dr. Oikawa (Takiko Okuda's former suitor), who now owns a small private clinic in Tokyo.

Suzuno has grown into a very talented artist, but she can only focus on very few motifs -- like tigers and humans who resemble her companions from Sairou: Kasaru, Karumu, and Neiran. She still remembers her adventures in the Universe of the Four Gods and still keeps her late father's pocket watch, but her memories are hazy and very traumatic. Even more, her adoptive brothers seem to have found out what they want to do in life (Seiji has entered the military, Hidero has begun to help Oikawa at the clinic and Kenichi says that he wants to be a restaurateur), while she feels that she's still unsure of what she truly wants to do from then on.

After finding what seems to be a copy of The Universe of the Four Gods in her school's library, Suzuno's memories become clearer. With a bit of research, she finally finds out why her "big sister" Takiko and her father died, and deduces that all of this has to do with her adventures in the book. She tells her adoptive father Oikawa about this, but he gets frightened for her sake and tells her to stop searching for the book. And then, Seiji suffers a serious accident and, while in recovery, he asks Suzuno to marry him; she cares for him deeply, but her exact feelings for him are not clear.

Some days pass, and Suzuno is seriously leaning towards accepting Seiji's marriage offer. She's still disturbed by her recent discoveries and visits her school library, but then the book finally reveals itself to her. What will happen to her?