You're the only one I can count on now. There's no time left. I discovered a certain book, a sutra known as The Universe of the Four gods. However, the book pulled my daughter Takiko into it. The book itself seemed to posses some magical power. My daughter became the heroine of the story, summoned the god Genbu and then returned to me. However her body was wracked with pain. As her wishes were granted, her body was being devoured by Genbu! If my daughter was to be devoured, I decided I would rather kill her by my own hand and then take my own life. Before carrying it out, though, I wanted to destroy the book. But even after I tried to set it on fire, it would not burn! I believe the book is waiting for the remaining Priestesses to follow for the Priestesses of Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryuu. My friend, I beg you. You must seal this book away for me. Please, this is my final request of you.