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Eiyou is the capital of Konan. The city is evidently one of the prosperous kinds since a sizeable portion of its citizens are traders, shopkeepers, and merchants.


Known for its textile exports and supported by their agricultural trade with nearby villages, the citizens of Eiyou are expert salespeople. There is a healthy flow of coinage through each of the city's districts as it is a popular stop for traveling merchants and traders.

At the heart of the city lies the imperial palace. Its red walls and golden roof fixtures are a beacon to travelers and a wonder to commoners. Local noblewomen attempt to enter the imperial harem alongside candidates sourced from outside the city.[1] Meanwhile, young girls from lower social ranks are conscripted to become servants. Men are able to train for the palace guard or the empire's military while boys of less physical prowess are steered towards the Imperial Examination to become civil servants.

Apart from palace life, shopkeepers make their living in the different districts of the city.

The textile quarter is one of note. Dominated by the Cho Family and their widely successful fabric store, this section employs seamstresses and designers while carrying luxury material.[2]

Where cuisine is concerned, Eiyou's nightlife reigns supreme. Lanterns line the roads and illuminate food stalls with local Konan dishes. For a city that is constantly bustling, there are many restaurants for its citizens and visitors alike to taste dishes from all over the four empires.

Brothels are also popular outside the center quarters. The red-light district is very lucrative as hundreds of travelers pass through the city gates each day. An Eiyou call-house was featured in Genbu Kaiden and harbored the Celestial Warrior, Inami, who found employment as a brothel keep.  


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