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Fen is a minor character in the prequel series Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. She is an assassin hired by Uruki's father, and the woman who looks after Hatsui until Hagas takes her life in cold blood.


Takiko and Tomite stumble upon her home hidden in the woods, specifically the ruins of a temple.

She acts as a gracious host after discovering who her two guests really are. At first she gives them a place to stay. She poisons Tomite, and tries to convince Hatsui to kill Takiko. Showing her true colours wasn't a very smooth move on her part. Tomite was still able to fight her, and because Takiko understood Hatsui, he trusted the priestess over Fen. She was killed by Hagas, to prevent her from telling anything she shouldn't. Her death upset Hatsui even after he knew she'd only been trying to kill him.