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Gyoushiku introducing his self to Takahome.

Gyoushiku is the grandson of Boushin who appeared in OVA 1.


When Tamahome is unexpectedly summoned into the Universe of the Four Gods, he goes to the Kingdom of Konan to seek an answer where he is brought to the Imperial Palace and meets with the Konan Emperor Gyoushiku, who tells him that it's been 50 years since Hotohori's death. The young emperor was full of excitement when he knew that Tamahome, one of the Seven Suzaku Warriors, is back. He took Tamahome to the shrine of Suzaku where the replicas of the Seven Warrior are there. However, as Tamahome was about to enter the shrine, he was blocked by the barrier of Suzaku. Believing that this means that Tamahome is an imposter, Gyoushiku cried and ordered his guards to take Tamahome away, resulting in the latter being beaten and thrown out of Konan.

However, it was later revealed that everything Tamahome experienced since his return was only an illusion made by Tomo, meaning that Gyoushiku wasn't real at all.