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Hakurou was the leader of the Mt. Reikaku bandits are before Eiken.

A prominent character in Genro Den, the story picked up when he was a young man. Despite his age, he had led the bandits for some time, as he seized command after he surpassed others with his armed might and intellect.


Extremely different from Eiken, he sees through people in a unique manner. At first, he did not let Tasuki in the mountain because of his Celestial mark, but when Tasuki pleaded, he agreed. His face is rather seen serious at times but at some points, a part of him remains soft and vulnerable; he is ultimately perceptive and marvelous and is a very capable leader. Another good point in him is that he values his comrades and fellow bandits and can see easily what is right and wrong, though he sometimes makes mistakes. Hakurou made a trustworthy leader until his death and in return, the bandits of Mt. Reikaku valued him dearly and some still grieved for him around the time of the original series.


When Tasuki was fifteen, Hakurou accepted him into the Mt. Reikaku gang. He was a mentor and father figure to the young warrior and taught him how to survive in his new walk of life. In reality, he was grooming the child for command. When he fell ill, Hakurou passed on the Tessen to Tasuki and Kouji. But Tasuki, who never failed to be his stubborn self, still believed that Hakurou would live despite his incurable illness. He left the mountain in search of a medicine but when he came back, Hakurou was already dead and Eiken had assumed command.