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The Hin Tribe, or Pin Tribe (manga), was a small population of people who resided near the border of Kutou.  

It was featured in Seiran Den and referenced in the original Fushigi Yuugi anime/manga. The Seiryuu Warrior Nakago hailed from this tribe. 


A young Nakago and Taria in the Hin Tribe

Nakago's flashback to Taria

 The tribe was hated by the people of Kutou and were often taunted, mistreated, and/or discriminated against because of their heritage, especially their identifying trait of blond hair and blue eyes.  

Before their displacement 14 years before the start of the original series, the Hin people would gather at Lake Seiran once a year. Only those who were turning eleven years old or older would be allowed to attend. At the water’s edge, they called upon Tenkou for guidance. They believed him to be a spirit who took pity on the poor tribe and protected them. But they did not know that their savior was actually a Demon God.  

The religious deception of the tribe could be attributed to their mistreatment at the hands of Kutou’s people, as they undoubtedly did not want to adopt the same religion as their abusers. They were quick to accept spiritual aid in opposition to the Beast Gods despite the irony of one of their own becoming a Celestial Warrior Of Seiryuu.  

Not much is known about the origin or history of the tribe except that they were foreigners who most likely came from European heritage and migrated to China, hence their non-Asian features.