"How about asking the great priestess in Ifurei?"

Ifurei Province is a location in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. This town is where Takiko's group meets the Oracle Anlu .

Oracle anlu

The great priestess in Ifurei


East of Touran is the city of Ifurei, and it is an important religious center. Priestesses and oracles live in and around the city giving out prophecies and offering sanctuary for visitors. There is no military presence, and the oracles are revered enough that no such presence is expected to be needed. Underground passages lead out from the main temple to secret hot springs and areas of spiritual importance such as the rift of rebirth or the rock garden where stones with divine power can be found.


Hatsui finds a map of Hokkan and since they don't know the whereabouts of the other four Celestial Warriors, Hatsui tells them that maybe they should ask "The Great Priestess", who is later known as Oracle Anlu. Hatsui points out Ifurei on the map, and they head there. When they arrive at the town, they find the tem
Hien shigi

Hien and Shigi asks an audience for Anlu.

ple were Oracle Anlu is and finds more about the warriors. Hien and Shigi also arrive, persisting on hearing from Anlu. When Shigi finds out that Anlu is lying, he quickly strikes her and goes on nothward with his partner Hien.

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