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Kaen is a character in the 1st OVA of Fushigi Yuugi who looks like Taiitsukun in her true form, "jade empress."

Appearance and Personality

She appears to have tan skin complexion and her hair color is pale brown-orange. She has black-blue eyes and resembles the hairstyle of Kashimiro Miiru. Kaen is rather gentle and kind; he helps Tamahome calm down and get a hold of everything what's happening, what's suddenly happening, although she tried to poison Tamahome with Kudoku. It is later revealed that Kaen was just an illusion created by Tomo, but the Kudoku Tamahome swallowed along with sake was true. She wears a green kimono and has pointed eyes. Her lips are more shorter than the other characters in the series and OVA.


She appears when Tamahome was confused about how he was kicked out the Konan palace because he was repelled by the barrier of Suzaku, yet he is one of Suzaku's followers. Kaen approaches him and calls him Nakago. Tamahome is horrified to realize that the "ogre" symbol on his forehead has been replaced by the symbol heart, the constellation of Nakago. She introduces herself as Kaen. Kaen tells him that when Tamahome defeated Nakago, Nakago didn't die but went into a very deep sleep. When he revived, Nakago took over Tamahome's body, and Tamahome's soul went into Nakago's body. Confused, Tamahome he can't believe and accept that he is really Nakago. Kaen offers him a bowl of sake to help calm him down , and he drinks it. After he falls asleep, Kaen takes off her clothes and offers to use Soi 's ability to raise Tamahome's ki through coupling.

Tenkou reveals later on that everything that happened between her and Tamahome was only an illusion.


  • When Nakago was defeated, he only went into a deep sleep, so he's not dead.
  • Here's some sake. It will help you cool down.


  • OVA 1, episode 1
  • OVA 1, episode 2
  • OVA 1, episode 3 (only referred to by Tenkou)