Karin is a major character in Sanbou Den.


After being sold to a traveling circus by her parents along with her younger sister, Anzu, Karin was determined to make enough money so that they could return to their family. This meant taking on the role of a parental figure towards Anzu.

On top of possessing skill in the art of acrobatics, she is shown to be compassionate, reserved, and mature.


Born in Konan to a poor family, Karin has the most memory of her parents before being sent away with Anzu. She remembers the copious amount of debt that accrued and the stress it put on her family. This fueled her work ethic and she was determined to work hard for her money, drilling acrobatics day and night until her act was perfect.

Though her beauty caused her employer to lust after her, it also caught the eye of Raimon, a fellow performer with a knack for knives.

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