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Kinboh is a minor character in the Fushigi Yuugi light novel, Suzaku Hi Den. She is a member of the Imperial Harem and the daughter of a wholesale shopkeeper in Eiyou.


Growing up in the wealthy district of Konan's capital, Kinboh's father instilled in her the value of money from an early age. Arrogant and cunning, Kinboh uses her wealth and status as leverage over others and she has been able to pay her way through any situation, including the harem selection process.

She is widely regarded as a conventionally unattractive woman and her insecurity surfaces through cutting remarks and abusive behavior. She is seen abusing servants and verbally attacking other members of the harem.


"Don't think you can get away with anything just because you're pretty! This is an era when status and men can be bought with money!"

Kinboh makes her first appearance in Suzaku Hi Den in Chapter 3. While Nuriko is walking about the inner court, Kinboh passes by with her maid in tow and chastises him for his "moody" attitude. She believes he has no chances of ever receiving a visit from the Emperor, Hotohori, and warns Nuriko that if Kutou declares war on Konan, the Emperor will be so preoccupied with debt that he will have no choice but to choose her, the wealthiest woman in the harem, to become Empress.

Kinboh also adds that she had her fortune read by Gentokuin, the harem manager, who told her the Emperor would come to visit her within six days and she will eventually give birth to a boy, securing her rights to the throne. She then runs off, dragging her maid with her, and leaves a shocked Nuriko in the dust.

A week passes and Kinboh is in her quarters, counting her money she stores in her mattress, when a figure approaches the door. She opens it to find a mysterious yet very beautiful woman. The stranger introduces herself as a new harem member and explains she is there to pay Kinboh her respects. The meeting is quick and once she leaves, Kinboh complains to herself about having yet another beautiful woman to compete with.

The next day, Kinboh is among the crowd that gathers to watch Prime Minister Haku Shoei berate Gentokuin for manipulating portraits of each harem member. Kinboh had paid Gentokuin to make her portrait more flattering in hopes of catching the Emperor's eye. When Gentokuin reveals Hotohori had entered the harem the night before, she realizes that he was the beautiful woman and her fortune had come true. The harem manager also discloses that the Emperor's affections have already been won by the Priestess of Suzaku, who has yet to appear. Kinboh predicts the Priestess will be from a poor family with nothing to offer.

The harem members then devise various plans to win back the Emperor's favor. They try hosting choral concerts and lunch-ins but he does not attend. Kinboh arranges a beauty treatment for him but he declines after she tries to bribe his advisors with a thousand gold pieces to get him to use it.

Months pass and she is seen again counting her money in the harem's courtyard while Hotohori leaves with Houki on their way to Seirin. When it is announced that Houki will become Empress, the harem is disbanded. Houki comes to visit Kinboh, who points out that Gentokuin's prediction has come true once again. Then, she wishes her well, packs up her money, and returns home to her father's shop in Eiyou.