"You see, strange things have been happening since you two left. Like fake Genbus ambushing random people, and crows surrounding houses!"
—Tasuki (Eikoden)

Konan (紅南国; Kounan Koku) is one of the four countries in The Universe of the Four Gods. It is based on the Song Dynasty of ancient China.

Konan, the southern country protected by the Phoenix, is a very prosperous country at the time of the series. It has generally happy and lively people. The similarities to the Phoenix are actually brought about by the Emperor Hotohori and his character; he is deeply respected, cares deeply for his country, and is a graceful yet mighty figure who his subjects to look up to. Also, just like a plume's colors, Konan has everything from royalty to poverty to slave-traders and mountain gangs.



  • Juso Province: The center-most division of Konan. It is home to the capital.
    • Eiyou: The capital of Konan where the palace is situated. Hotohori and the rest of the Konan Imperial Palace residents reside here. Nuriko is also from this city and the Cho family run a successful fabric store in the textile quarter.
    • Hakuko: A poor farming village located outside the capital. Villagers primarily sell yams and soybeans to neighboring cities. It has been featured in both the original series and Shugyoku Den. Tamahome, his family, Fuka, and Yuma all lived in this village.
    • Seirin: A remote farming village near Hakuko that relies mostly on its agricultural exports such as rice. Both Shu Tendo and You Houki lived here until their encounters with Hotohori in Suzaku Hi Den. It is also featured in Eikoden where both Nuriko and Hotohori's reincarnations meet.
  • Koshu Taito Province: An eastern territory of Konan. It is famous for its mountain ranges, trading routes, and bandit activity.
    • Souun: The Eastern Capital of Konan which is situated between Mt. Reikaku and Mt. Kaou. It is governed by Ougi, Hotohori's half-brother.
    • Taito: Described by Hotohori as an ordinary town with nothing “worth mentioning,” the residents are particularly foul-mouthed and proud of their rural life. Well aware of the bandits stronghold, its people are tentative to trusting outsiders. This is also Tasuki’s hometown and was featured as a location in Suzaku Ibun.
    • Kahou: A town of inns and pubs near Souun. It's a popular stop for travelers in Konan. In OVA 2, the warriors, Miaka, and Taka spend the night here while looking for the Jewels of Memory and Tasuki, under Tenkou's control, took Miaka to a nearby inn where he and Taka fight. Four years prior, the Mt. Reikaku bandits raided this town.

Areas with Unspecified Provinces

  • Northern Locations
    • Yukigase: A small, superstitious village on the mountain called "Goddess Peak" near the Hokkan border. It was once plagued with the legend of a vengeful demon and it is the main location of Yukiyasha Den. It is home to Nuriko's uncle, Sojun, and other characters from the light novel.
    • Seisen: This village is located in the northeast near the Kutou border. It sits along the Hijiri River (which branches off of the Shouryuu River) and acted as a foothold in the Konan territory for Kutou soldiers. Nakago seized control of the Shouryuu River and flooded the towns downstream. It is the main location in Shouryyu Den.
  • Eastern Locations
    • Sou’en: A town near the Hijiri River. It was flooded by the Kutou army once they took over Seisen. On top of being Mitsukake's birthplace, it is also the location of the hillside where his lover, Shoka, and, eventually, himself are buried.
    • Shouryuu: Chichiri's birthplace. This town was subjected to severe flooding because of its vulnerable location on Konan's largest waterway: the Shouryuu River. As of the original series, little remains of this village after a devastating flood.
    • Chokou: The infamous city of the living dead, where the possessed Shoka plied her demon-induced trade. Mitsukake has worked as a doctor in this city.
  • Western Locations
    • Jouzen: Chiriko's home city in the southwest region of Konan. Near the Sairou border, it is one of the major western cities in Konan. It is famous for its quiet atmosphere and its scholarly citizens, especially young men, who gather in this city to study in order to become government officials in Eiyou.


Unlike Hokkan and Sairou, and similar to Kutou, Konan rather has a tropical climate as it is a very green country. The only known seasons are spring and summer, and there is no winter; instead, there are stormy and rainy seasons all throughout the year. Compared to Hokkan, Konan is hot; and compared to Sairou it is very cold.



Konan, as shown in the prequel.

" really is different from Hokkan! As expected from a foreign country."
—The warriors, arriving in Konan
  • Yuu Watase revealed in one of her free talks that she based the cultural climate of Konan on the Song Dynasty.

Musical Themes

"Konan-Koku" from Eikoden Original Soundtrack
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