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Kōrin, known as Tiao Kang Lin in the manga, was the younger sister of Rokou and Nuriko. She was the youngest of the children from the Cho family and she served as a plot device for Nuriko's character.


Korin and her older brother Ryuuen (Nuriko) were one year apart. They looked shockingly alike, so much that strangers would mistake them for twins. She had the trademark Cho violet hair and, in the anime, the same pink eyes as her older brother.

Korin was shown in flashbacks and once during Tamahome's dream as a guest at his wedding. Nonetheless, she appeared to have a similar positive spirit to Nuriko and the same sense of individuality.


Korin before her death


Korin's death was a tragic one. Always known to follow her older brother around, she spotted him from the other side of a crowded marketplace. Unbeknownst to her, a horse and cart had gone out of control and were rushing down the street. Where the crowd parted, Nuriko could see his sister running across to meet him with a smile on her face. Before he could reach her, the horse trampled her and she died right there from the severe injuries she suffered.

Impact and Influence

Nuriko wearing Korin's clothing after her death

Scarred and dismayed by her death, Nuriko refused to accept that she was really gone and, in retaliation, decided that since she never got to live out her life, she could live through him instead. Donning her clothing and makeup, Nuriko gave up his own identity in place of his sister's. He carried her "spirit" with him until his journey to Hokkan, where, after a moment of enlightenment, made the choice to let her go so he could live his life as a Suzaku Warrior.