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Kouran is Chichiri's former fiancee. She makes appearances in flashbacks in both the anime, OVAs, and the light novel, Shouryuu Den.


Although she does not make many aooearances, most of her physical traits are gathered from Chichiri's disguise that he modeled after her in the short "The Tale of the Forbidden Woman's Hot Spring Resort."

Her hair is shown to be light blue worn in two buns and loose bangs. She had brown eyes and dressed in traditional robes expected from a high-ranking villager in ancient China.


Kouran is described by Hiko as a woman who is loyal and undeceiving. This was also half the reason the fight heated up more, Hiko even says that "even if it was just once...even just once she let another man touch her". Kouran is also suspected to be very kind and is seen most of the time smiling.



Chichiri announced his and Kouran's engagement to Hiko first, telling him that he would like Hiko to be the first person to know. Chichiri was hiding on a tree, holding a kind-of gift for him to give to Kouran and was wearing a big smile. But when he turned to look, Hiko and Kouran were already kissing, and when Chichiri saw this, he was very furious, and Kouran apologized and said that she can't be with him like he planned.

A flood followed and Chichiri held a knife over the neck of Hiko on a small rock-cliff and Chichiri told Hiko to give Kouran back. Suddenly Hiko slipped off the rock cliff and fell to the powerful waves and water currents the flood produced, and Chichiri held on to Hiko's hand. Chichiri let go, and another moment he planned to save him, but a tree crashed on him and gouged out his eye.


Chichiri in Omake. Miaka asked him if that girl was her fiance.

* In the Omake of Fushigi Yuugi: The Tale of the Forbidden Woman's Hotspring Resort. It was hinted that the girl who Chichiri impersonated was his fiance. Her structure was the same as the Kouran.