Kutou (倶東国; Kutou Koku) is one of the four countries in The Universe of the Four Gods. The capital city is Shunrou. It is based on Xi'an, one of the Great Ancient Capitals of China, and is also based on the Tang Dynasty culture.

A century ago, it was rivaled with Hokkan wanting the land, but later a treaty was signed to resolve the conflict. In the time of Miaka Yūki and Yui Hongo, Kutou's rival is Konan. The Kutou empire respectively lies to the east of Konan and is closed off from the southern country by mountains.

Like Hokkan, Sairou, and Konan, Kutou is an imperial and hereditary monarchy, having a known emperor. The ruling families and its members have been exposed in scarcity, but the Kutou Emperor is shown in the series and Prince Hakei in the prequel.


  • Shunrou: Kutou's capital city, famous for its impenetrable walls, close-knit dwellings, and a strong arsenal. 
  • Hin Tribe (former): This tribe harbored people of European descent who worshiped Tenkou, the demon god. Under the rule of the Emperor, the tribe's people were severely abused and ultimately slaughtered by Kutou forces. Nakago hails from this tribe. 
  • Nei Tribe: This tribe is known for its prostitution and poor residents. It is also the birthplace of Soi.
  • San'un Province: A small district plagued by assaults during Kutou's Civil War.
    • Tenryo: Birthplace of Amiboshi and Suboshi of the Seiryuu Seven.


Shrine of Seiryuu
Not much is known about Kutou's climate, but sources from the original series present it to be very green with jungle-like forests populated with tigers. The climate itself is shown to be mostly overcast or rainy. It is also a country which is constantly raided by bandits, as well as the country's own soldiers and has suffered famine and plague before and during the time of Takiko's arrival.


  • Watase based Kutou on Xi'an, which was of the Great Ancient Capital's of China, and also based it on the Tang Dynasty Culture.
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