"Kutou and Hokkan agreed to eliminate the priestess and the warriors together. So that means that from today on, you scum are my allies."

Kutou Special Taskforce ( 特別なタスクフォース Kutou Tokubetsuna TasukuFosu) appears in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. This is a secret organization whose aim is to kill the priestess of Genbu and her warriors, and more than half of its participants are part of the Kutou Army. Later, they are allied by Hokkan themselves and the two rival countries sign a peace treaty to hunt down the priestess and her warriors together.


  • Hakei - The suspected founder of the Kutou Special Taskforce. He is also the crowned prince of Kutou. He finds Shigi when the tortured boy was twelve and gave him a high rank in the task force as the general.
  • Hien - The hot-tempered and violent member of the task force. He can be emotional at sometimes. The sole survivor of an attack which destroyed his village, Hien was found by Hakei and offered a job on the spot. As a result, his loyalties are only to Hakei and Shigi.
  • Shigi - The ruthless killer who is hidden by a consistent smile on his face. The general of the task force is a loyal subordinate of Prince Hakei and constantly wears a smile on his face, even when he is brutally killing someone, and speaks very politely, using female speech patterns. A direct subordinate of Hien.
  • Urumiya - Introduced as Hagas, this member of the task force joins them midway after Hakei signs the peace treaty to execute the mission together. This member is the last Celestial warrior of Genbu.

Temporary Members

  • Taki - Uruki joins the task force with the name "Taki". He is the one who cut Hien's arm, but he is unidentified because he transforms into a woman when he joins the taskforce. He quits when he reveals that he is Uruki and tells the two that he is a warrior.
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