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Kuwahara is a minor character in Fushigi Yuugi Volume 15 and a student in Yotsubadai High School's freshman Class A along with Miaka, Ren Shigyou, and Naomi.


As a first-year student, Kuwahara is characterized as naive and a little reckless. He and Miaka appear to be on friendly terms and he shows great respect for his classmates, though his fondness of teachers is shown to wear thin at points.

He can push the boundaries of people, whether that be in a chipper, well-meaning way, or an antagonistic one but remains a typical high school student nonetheless.


Kuwahara makes his first appearance in the hallways of Yotsubadai High School. After bumping into a teacher, Mr. Utamoto and not apologizing, Mr. Utamoto raises a bamboo stick to hit the student. Luckily, Ren Shigyou steps in and takes a hard hit to the shoulder.


Impressed that the transfer student did not even flinch or seem to be in any pain, Kuwahara stares in awe as Shigyou reprimends Mr. Utamoto for using physical punishment.[1] Tension rises before Class President Sasaki intervenes and de-escalates the situation in a calm and cool manner. While everyone is fawning over the charismatic president, Kuwahara thanks Ren profusely.

Shigyou and Kuwahara sharing a moment

At the end of the day, he finds Ren in an empty hallway and begs him to be in his Shorinji Kempo Club. Miaka hears their conversation and witnesses a seemingly amorous response from Ren as he leans in close to Kuwahara. While their closeness draws up romantic suspicions in Miaka's mind, Ren's plans are about to be set in motion as the close contact allows him to steal Kuwahara's soul.[2]

Before Miaka can figure out what is happening between them, she is interrupted by Taka and Kajiwara Tetsuya, who is Kurwahara's cousin. He mentions him when he convinces Taka to coach the high school's Shorinji Kempo Club.

Kuwahara appears again in the background after the club ends that day and wishes Taka a goodnight. When Miaka gets a message on her pager to meet Taka in the club's locker room, she is surprised when she is confronted with her fellow first-year classmate. She asks if he knows where Taka is but Kuwahara does not respond.

He suddenly lunges at her, tackling her in a violent assault. But before he can do anything else, a strong hand grips his shoulder and throws him off Miaka. It's Taka. Angry that his attack is foiled, Kuwahara jolts up and rushes Taka only to be met with a punch to the face. The couple retreats, confused but relieved they are both safe.[1]

Kuwahara is not seen again until the assembly for student council elections. Miaka spots him in the crowd and guesses he is in some kind of trance as he mindlessly claps throughout Ren's election speech. Later, after Shorinji Kempo Club, Tamahome remarks that Kuwahara suspiciously acts like "nothing had happened" between them.[3]

In reality, the Kuwahara who attacked Miaka and was at the election was a puppet of Yousui's that Ren used to temporarily trap his soul. Once he had carried out his schemes, he allowed Kuwahara's soul to return to his body to meet Taka at their club.[2]


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