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Life Star Stone, also known as Senmei Stone, is a term from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. Namame, a Genbu Celestial Warrior, is born from this stone. It was first mentioned during Chapter 5-6 by Oracle Anlu about Namame's existence. It is an extremely important set of objects that holds the key to Hokkan's birth.[1]


Namame, the Genbu warrior born from the Senmei Stone.

According to King Tegiru, the stones were planted by Genbu into the area now known as the Hokkan Palace's Underground Prisons.. The stones carved an existence for the Hokkan citizens, and the Rowun Clan having discovered it, seized the throne by divine right.

According to legend, it has the power of "rebirth of life", and the range of effect is so powerful. It is the Rowun Clan's hoard of treasure, and for six generations they have kept it safe.[2]

Involvement in Genbu Kaiden



"Firuka, could the Roun Clan's treasure be ... Life Stone? It's the same stone as Namame. Life stones are a very valuable resource, aren't they? much more than steel or lead. is that why the Rouns are keeping it to themselves?"--Takiko.


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