Fushigi Yuugi's "Light Novels", known originally in Japanese as "Gaiden"( 外伝 ), which can also mean "side stories", were written by Megumi Nishizaki and illustrated by Yuu Watase. There are thirteen of them and only nine describe the lives of the Celestial Warriors (All of the Suzaku and a few of the Seiryuu) before they were seen in the manga. Two are set after the manga and the third OVA series was based on these said novels.

All were published by Shogakukan and not a single one has been licensed in English, although there have been translations by fans.

Light Novels
Shugyoku Den | Suzaku Hi Den | Yukiyasha Den | Shoryu Den | Genro Den | Yuuai Den | Oumei Den | Seiran Den | Ryusei Den | Sanbou Den
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