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Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen

Love Trap

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Renbo n'o Wana

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Shattered Love


Miaka and Tamahome are able to talk thanks to Chichiri's powers, arranging to meet tomorrow in Kutou. Yui overhears their talk and is distraught after learning of Tamahome's planned departure and his rejection of her. Yui runs into a surprised Nakago, and Nakago gives her a small parcel. Nakago tells Yui that it can keep Tamahome in Kutou with her, and Yui gladly accepts it.

In Konan, meanwhile, before Miaka goes to bed she makes a wish upon the stars to really see Tamahome and be with him. When Miaka wakes up in the morning, Nuriko gives her a special doll. He explains that when a man and a woman's name are written on the doll which is in turn buried in the ground, nothing can ever separate the couple and their love will be eternal. Miaka, after having written hers and Tamahome's names on it, Miaka despaired to see it break before her own eyes, thinking of it as a sign.

Meanwhile, in Kutou, Yui takes the medicine inside the parcel Nakago had given her and tries to put it into Tamahome's food while he sleeps but she fails. When Tamahome wakes up and searches for Yui, and overhears Nakago and Yui's conversation and he learns the truth. Miaka leaves Konan to meet Tamahome in Kutou, along with Chichiri, Tasuki, and, unbeknown to them, Tama the cat , Mitsukake's pet.

Soon, they find the meeting place they had agreed upon, a gigantic tree that smelled of sweet fruits and flowers. However, when Tamahome tries to talk to Yui, Yui feeds him the dark pill through a kiss, leaving him unconscious. Miaka, Chichiri, and Tasuki are caught unaware when they are met by Yui, Nakago, and a group of Kutou soldiers.