"It's your fault that everyone's suffering!"
—Maguma to Takiko



Maguma (Miaguma) also known as Megum, is a young boy from a village Takiko and her warriors stop to rest in from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. The village has been ravaged by sickness and attacks from bandits. All the men, including Maguma's father have joined the Hokkan army in an attempt to make money for their poverty-stricken families.

Maguma gives Takiko and her warriors a place to stay, as soon as he realised that she's the priestess, trouble starts. He saw a wanted notice for the Priestess, and sold out her location to Shigi and Hien expecting to get a bounty. He and some other boys also kidnapped her and tried to make her face punishment from Touda. Even after Touda leaves her alone, he blames all his villages misfortune on her, and treats Takiko very poorly. He regrets his actions somewhat when the Kutou army starts to destroy the village, and then sees Touda rise out of the ground, something the dragon will only do if commanded by a divine power.

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