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Makan Village (Muohan Village, Makan Mura : タクラマカン村) is a small, rural town in Sairou located by its South-Eastern border with Kutou. It is home to Amiboshi, who is called Kaika (or Huaike) by his adoptive parents.

"This is a peaceful village, they're all nice people. You'll be safe as long as you're here."
—Amiboshi to Miaka


The people of Makan village are hardworking and friendly. While they live relatively simple lives in the country, they take great pride in their traditions and are a tightly-knit community. They are welcoming to outsiders and show great hospitality to anyone who enters the village, as long as they have good intentions.

A common product of this village is peaches, as they grow in abundance around the area. They also drink cinnamon tea and know how to cultivate and prepare the medicinal herb, the Forgetfulness Leaves.[1]


Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

Makan Village in the manga

In Chapter 55, when a giant, demonic polecat begins to terrorize the area outside Makan Village, Amiboshi, under the name of "Kaika," sets off to hunt the beast. In the desert near the Southern Sairou border, he finds the polecat along with Miaka, who is injured and is about to be attacked. Amiboshi rescues her, killing the polecat in the process, and takes her back to his home in the village.

There, Miaka falls asleep for three days and Amiboshi's adoptive parents give her a low dose of the Forgetfulness Leaves to heal her wounds. When she wakes up, she discovers that Amiboshi has no memory of his life as a Seiryuu Warrior.[1]

Excited that her adoptive son has brought home a beautiful girl, Amiboshi's mother dresses her in traditional Makan clothing, adding that she would mend her school uniform in the meantime. Over breakfast, Amiboshi's parents offer Miaka to stay and become Amiboshi's bride. This embarrasses and upsets her, as she instantly thinks of how she abandoned Tamahome. Sensing this, Amiboshi claims marriage is the furthest thing from his mind. Then, he excuses himself and takes Miaka outside to tour the village.

Colourspread depicting Amiboshi and Miaka together in Makan Village.

After meeting the friendly villagers, Miaka questions Amiboshi about his memory loss, angrily wishing she could simply forget all of her pain, too. To this, the warrior apologizes and plays her a song on his flute, claiming it will give her "strength and courage" to face her pain. When they return to the house, Amiboshi's mother gives Miaka soup containing a large dose of the Forgetfulness Leaves which causes her to collapse with a high fever. Horrified at her actions, the mother apologizes profusely, explaining that she was afraid Amiboshi would leave and she wanted Miaka to forget about her pain just as he had done.[2]

In an attempt to bring down the fever, Amiboshi removes his shirt and lies with Miaka. But, suddenly, she begins to convulse, and, panicking, Amiboshi kisses her, allowing his chi to pass into her. While this succeeds in bringing Miaka back into consciousness, it severely weakens the warrior, who continues to lie with her until he regains his strength. Unfortunately, the mere presence of his chi alerts his brother, Suboshi, to his location.

Amiboshi then asks Miaka to stay in Makan with him and offers her a controlled dose of the Forgetfulness Leaves. After some consideration, Miaka refuses to forget the people she cares about despite her grief and trauma, prompting Amiboshi to reveal that he faked his amnesia to avoid fighting the Suzaku Seven and the pain that came with it. But Miaka insists on continuing to fight, even if it means getting hurt.

Suddenly, Amiboshi's father stumbles into the house with two arrows in his arm. He warns them that Kutou soldiers are attacking the villagers and have set both trees and homes ablaze. Preparing to give herself up to save Makan, Miaka runs into the fray, but she is stopped by a Kutou soldier. Amiboshi rushes to protect her, using his flute to emit a targeted soundwave that brutally ruptures all of the soldier's arteries and veins.[3] Then, sensing Tamahome's chi nearby, Amiboshi rushes off in that direction, promising to reunite the warrior with Miaka. But before he leaves, his father gives him some of the Forgetfulness Leaves for safekeeping.

Miaka follows Amiboshi outside the village where they discover Tamahome being tortured by the Seiryuu Warrior, Tomo. After seemingly disarming Tomo, the three reunite. But the emotional moment is short-lived as Tomo restrains Amiboshi and his feathers puncture two deep holes into Tamahome's back, sending him tumbling off of a cliff. Tomo then traps Miaka inside an illusion using his Shin, using all of his concentration to construct a blissful dreamscape that quickly turns into a nightmare.[4] A determined Amiboshi breaks free from his restraints and grabs his flute, playing a song that snaps Miaka out of Tomo's spell and shatters his Shin.


Tomo orders Amiboshi to stand aside but he refuses, declaring that he wants to fight and he wishes he was born a member of the Suzaku Seven.[5] After a bloody battle, Amiboshi kills Tomo just as Suboshi arrives. Cradled in his brother's arms, Amiboshi presents the Forgetfulness Leaves and begs Suboshi not to summon Seiryuu, explaining they could forget all of their pain and live in Makan together. Suboshi takes a large sip of the tincture but then kisses Amiboshi, slipping him the dose. He apologizes, claiming he is in love with Yui and cannot betray her.[6]

Suboshi's attention then turns on the defenseless Miaka but Tamahome returns from his fall, having been saved by Tokaki. The rest of the Suzaku Seven also arrive, having been freed from their own illusion after Tomo's Shin was destroyed. Outnumbered, Suboshi escapes and takes the unconscious Amiboshi back to Makan. A villager finds him and takes him back to his parents' home while Suboshi tearfully looks on, wishing his brother a final goodbye, knowing all of his memories are now lost for good.[7]


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