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Mt. Kokureishin (Mt. Koku/The Snow Mountain) is a large mountain in Hokkan and lies North of Touran. Its peak hides the shrine of Genbu's Shinzaho, guarded by the spirits of two Celestial Warriors of Genbu: Hikitsu and Tomite.


Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden

Takiko appears on Mt. Kokureishin when she is first pulled into the Universe of the Four Gods. At its peak, ancient stone pillars stand on the mountain with demons, known as Houkyou, lurking underneath the snow.[1]

Mt. Koku in Genbu Kaiden

Because of the demonic presence on the mountain, a nearby village adopted a tradition to chain criminals to the pillars and wait until they would either succumb to the cold or to the houkyou. The Celestial Warrior, Uruki, is initially sentenced to die on the peak. He is barely kept alive by his celestial powers before Takiko appears and saves him.[2]

When Hikitsu and Tomite meet their end during the Summoning Ceremony at the Battle of Touran, Taiitsukun guides their spirits to Mt. Kokureishin and constructs a sacred shrine to house Takiko's Shinzaho, a jeweled necklace. Hikitsu and Tomite both vow to protect the shrine in honor of their priestess.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

Over 200 years after Takiko first appeared atop the mountain, the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku fail to summon Suzaku and venture into Hokkan to retrieve the Shinzaho.

Nuriko's grave in Fushigi Yuugi

The pillars Uruki were once chained to have deteriorated and are now lost in the ice and snow. The tyranny of the houkyou is nothing but a lingering old wives' tale. Only the shrine remains, albeit, frozen shut and blocked by a bolder. It is here where Celestial Warrior, Nuriko, dies defending the peak from Ashitare of the Seiryuu Seven. He uses the last of his strength to remove the heavy bolder from the entryway and is buried by his friends on the snowy summit.[3][4]

The rest of the Suzaku Seven enter the shrine, deeply saddened by the loss of their friend, and meet the spirits of Hikitsu and Tomite. The two put Miaka, the Priestess of Suzaku, through a test of strength to see if she is worthy of taking Takiko's Shinzaho. When she succeeds, the two Genbu Warriors' spirits gift her the Shinzaho. Having fulfilled their duty, Hikitsu and Tomite are finally able to rest and join Takiko and their fellow warriors in the afterlife.[5][6]


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