Mt. Kokureishin, often abbrevi
Mt. koku

The mountain shown during the prequel.

ated to Mt. Koku, nicknamed The Snow Mountain, is the infamous black mountain in Hokkan where Nuriko fought Ashitare and died. Also the hiding place of Genbu's Shinzaho, guarded by the spirits of Hikitsu and Tomite until Miaka came to retrieve it. However, the terrain is all snow, and it is very cold.

This is also the place where Uruki was initially sentenced to die by the monsters, and the place where he meets Takiko.

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Mt. Kokureishin(black god mountain),is the mountain Takiko first appears on. Its peak is rocky and snowy, but the valley where a small town is located is wooded. Ancient stone pillars depicting Genbuform what may have once been a shrine, however monsters live under the snow and it is a place where criminals are executed by chaining the person to the pillar to be killed by said monsters. It is suspected that this is the same Mt. Koku that the priestess of Suzakuvisits in the future. Nuriko, a Suzaku warrior, loses his life here along with Ashitare.

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