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Mt. Reikaku is a mountain in Konan that sits on the border of the Koshu Taito province and Jusoh province, near the Eastern capital, Souun. Inhabited by bandits, it is known to be a dangerous as well as a spiritual place. Citizens and bandits alike believe it was where a demon was once sealed. Tasuki and Kouji both live in the bandit's mountainside stronghold.


Before it was a bandit stronghold, Mt. Reikaku was a sacred mountain. Shrines dedicated to a mountain god were erected throughout the mountain trails. One day, a demon called Dokoro settled on the mountain. It had the ability to change into human form and, with it, tricked travelers and stole their money and valuables. [1]It possessed the tessen, a powerful iron fan with the ability to conjure fire.[2]

For many years, the mountain could not be resettled. The passage from Eastern to Western Konan was sealed off by the Dokoro's presence. After some time, a nameless young man ventured up the mountain to confront the demon. Without a weapon, he vowed to stop the Dokoro's violation of the spiritual mountain.[1] Unphased by his declaration, the demon attacked the man with its tessen.

However, the man was unburned. His chi had become powerful enough to subdue the power of the fan. Suddenly, an earthquake shook the mountain. The mountain god emerged and sealed the Dokoro in the earth. The god declared that as long as the tessen carried the fearless man's chi, the seal could not be broken.[1]

The nameless man then called together a band of men to protect the mountain. He became their leader and they would later be known as the Mt. Reikaku bandits.[1]

Bandit Activity

Bandit Stronghold

The Mt. Reikaku bandits have been lead by many leaders throughout the duration of the series. In Genro Den, Tasuki's Light Novel, a man called Hakurou is in charge and acts as a mentor/father figure to Tasuki.[2] As Tasuki slowly acquires all the skills one needs to be a bandit, his leader falls ill. Tasuki leaves to find a cure but as soon as Hakurou passes, a bandit, Eiken, takes over. Even though Hakurou named Tasuki as his successor, Eiken does not give up command after Tasuki returns.

Hakurou's Grave

After Tasuki meets Miaka and the rest of the warriors, he defeats Eiken but does not accept the full responsibility of a leader. Deciding to fufill his destiny as a Celestial Warrior of Suzaku, he leaves the mountain and the bandits in Kouji's charge.

When the final battle with Nakago comes to a close and Miaka and Tamahome go to the Real World, Tasuki assumes command as Hakurou intended.

In the events of the final chapters and OVAs, Tenkou rises to power. Tasuki leaves his position once more to fight alongside his priestess and fellow warriors before returning to Mt. Reikaku.


Tasuki and Kouji

One of Mt. Reikaku's worst enemies, the Kaou bandits live on Mt. Kaou, a nearby mountain. They are introduced in the light novel but never mentioned in the original manga or anime. Ruled at one point by the perverted Kieron, Reirei's older brother in Genro Den, and then used by Tenkou in his schemes, there is often conflict between the Kaou and Reikaku bandits, although the Kaou bandits are known to be rogues and less organized than their rivals.

Power and Influence

Tasuki, Kieron, and Reirei in Genro Den

The bandit's influence is not specifically addressed in the original manga and anime, although they are renowned fighters and thieves. But in OVA 2, when Tasuki was denied permission to purchase a room at a tavern along with Miaka in Kahou, he reminds the master of the house of the day his bandits raided the pub, which certified their criminal activity outside Mt. Reikaku.


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