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Episode 29: Mysteries Afoot

Ugokidashita Nazo


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The Ancient Path


The Flash Of Battle

Opening theme: Itooshii Hito no Tame Ni

Ending theme: Tokimeki no Doukasen


Miaka's brother, Keisuke, realizes they are connected by a hair strand that she left in the book. Her brother runs in his friend, Tetsuya, while trying to leave the library with the book.

He tells him about what has happened to Miaka so far between Yui, Tamahome, and Suzaku seven. After some more convincing, Tetsuya tries to help him learn more about the story. They find some very suspicious things out about the person who returned the book to Japan. They then find out that the people who wrote the book intended for the young girl to become a sacrifice to summon one of the 4 gods.

He tells Miaka but she doesn't believe him and cuts off their connection. The ship begins to get caught in a storm caused by Soi, one of the Seiryuu Seven, and Miaka, Nuriko, and Tamahome are tossed overboard. They reach a small rocky cave and just when Tamahome is about to be pulled out of the water to the safety of the rocks, lightning strikes and electrocutes him.