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Full Name Ayuru Gi
Birthdate November 17 (Scorpio)
Constellation Heart
Age 25
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 193 cm
Known Relatives Koyuu Gi (Father) (Deceased)
Matuta Gi (Mother) (Deceased)
Additional Information
Beast God Seiryuu
Title General of Kutou Army
Seven Star Warrior, Nakago
Rank General
Occupation Commander

Real World
Manga Chapter 15
Anime Episode 10
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Furusawa Tohru (Anime)
Ryotaro Okiayu (CD Book)
Narita Ken (Suzaku Ibun)

Nakago,(心宿) real name Gi Ayuru (Ayuru Gi) is the antagonist of Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play and the main character of his light novel, Seiran Den. Born under the constellation heart, he hails from the Hin Tribe and the General of Kutou's military. He is the first Celestial Warrior of Seiryuu to appear in the original series.


Nakago is charismatic and easily strikes a mixture of awe and fear into whoever he comes across. Being a victim of sexual abuse from the Emperor of Kutou, he is ultimately withdrawn, pensive, and appears unconcerned with his surroundings.

As the General of the Kutou army, Nakago has the ego and wit worthy of such a standing. He has a knack for military strategy and plotting, as he is seen on many occasions having prepared for multiple different outcomes. He is also shown to have discreetly orchestrated many major events throughout the series.

A master manipulator, Nakago often showcases his sway over other characters with ease, most notably with Yui Hongo. He tends to prey on negative emotions and coaxes others to do as he wishes. Victims of his manipulation often find themselves unconsciously believing what the Kutou general wants them to believe, despite their better judgment. Such a dangerous skill is aided by Nakago’s stoicism, as both the Seiryuu and Suzaku Seven have agreed that no one can truly know what he is thinking.

In front of the Seiryuu warriors, Nakago cements himself as their leader with his commanding presence. With the exception of Soi, he shows no real concern or attachment for his fellow comrades. Towards his enemies and the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, Nakago can be sarcastic and tends to frequently tease and criticize his ultimate rival, Tamahome.

Though Nakago appears emotionless towards people, his tragic childhood and unhappy teenage life explain his selectiveness about the people he wishes to care about. Although there have been exceptions, Nakago’s ambitions for power and control often push these relationships to the side.


Nakago has stark platinum-blonde hair that slightly goes wayward at the top, the rest reaching down his shoulders as of the present and when he was young. He has "piercing" blue eyes and a pale complexion.

Nakago is a strikingly beautiful man with slightly effeminate features when he was younger, causing him to be a frequent target of sexual harassment during his stay in Kutou. When he was young, he wears a white shirt under a colored kimono.

When he appears in the series, he is wearing a dragon-themed helmet, showing only his eyes. When in the battlefield, he wears a blue cape, armor, and a green dragon claw-shoulder guard, all of these worn over fitted white pants and a loose long-sleeve shirt. Nakago also wears blue gauntlets.


Light Novels/Gaiden

Young Ayuru with his mother

Seiran Den

"You must not look into another man's heart.""
—Nakago to Tamahome

Nakago was born in the Hin Tribe and awakened his celestial powers when he was still young. When his mother was being raped by the Kutou soldiers, Nakago's chi/qi blast killed the soldiers and, accidentally, his mother. The emperor of Kutou then commanded the guards to stop when he saw the mark. He was sexually abused by the emperor because of his natural beauty and charismatic appearance. He then trained to control his power. He met Soi while he was training, Nakago knocked out a man who was demanding Soi to take her clothes off.

Shouryuu Den

Nakago plays a major role in the plot of Chichiri's light novel, Shouryuu Den. On the offensive, Nakago brings Kutou's army further into Konan territory by stationing his men on the Hijiri River. He conscripts some residents of Seisen Village to Kutou's cause, including Chichiri's acquaintance, Shuusei Ryuu. Nakago then orders the flooding on all villages along the river, causing a torrent reminiscent of the flood that destroyed Shouryuu Village where Chichiri lost both his fiance, Kouran, and friend, Hiko, years ago.

Sanbou Den

Occurring after his death, the events of Sanbou Den feature Nakago's spirit. Under the influence of Tenkou, the spirit of a recently-deceased Konan boy, Raimon, searches for the Shinzahos to deliver to the demon god and encounters Chichiri and Tasuki. In Kutou, he takes his former-lover, Karin, hostage and, in exchange for the young woman's safety, he demands that Chichiri retrieve Yui's Shinzaho from the shrine of Seiryuu. The monk agrees and enters the shrine to find the Shinzaho being guarded by the spirits of deceased Seiryuu warriors, led by Nakago.


Chichiri is shocked that Nakago's spirit allows him to pass through the spiritual barrier and asks his former enemy why he devotes his afterlife to protecting the Shinzaho of a god he despised. But Nakago simply holds out the Shinzaho, which is one of Yui's tear-shaped earrings, for Chichiri to take. Chichiri questions why he would hand over the earrings to a Suzaku warrior, especially when the demon god he worshiped in life is searching for them. Nakago cryptically answers, “you will learn in time.”

When Chichiri returns with the earrings, Karin confesses her love to Raimon's spirit. Suddenly, images start to emerge from the earrings. The crying spirits of the Seiryuu Seven appear. Nakago explains that they cry over having died without fulfilling their lives’ purpose and their tears are symbolized by Yui's tear-shaped earring. Raimon stops fighting, realizing their shared pain and admits he died before telling Karin his true feelings. Nakago had planned for Raimon to reach this realization, as he, too, was led astray by Tenkou's influence and died young.

But Tenkou's power over Raimon is stronger than expected, and the demon god takes complete control over Raimon, continuing the battle. Luckily, Chichiri and Tasuki defeat Raimon. In the aftermath, they notice the shrine of Seiryuu is beyond repair. Deeming Tenkou's plan a failure, Nakago’s spirit entrusts Chichiri with Yui's earring and admits it is time for him to go back home, to a time where he was pure. The image of Seiran Lake appears in the stars and Soi's spirit goes to Nakago's side. The two walk together to join Nakago’s parents and Taria before they disappear into the night sky.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

The Priestess of Suzaku arc


When Yui first arrives in Shunrou, the capital city of Kutou, she is attacked by a group of men. Luckily, Nakago intervenes, sensing the power of Seiryuu within her. However, when he takes her to the imperial palace, he manipulates her into believing she has been raped. To coax her closer to accepting her role as the Priestess of Seiryuu, Nakago repeatedly tells Yui that Miaka has betrayed her and that he is the only one who cares for her.[1]

Three months later, Miaka Yuki is stopped at the Kutou-Konan border and Chichiri sneakily casts a spell that freezes the border guards in place. But Nakago, in full armor and on horseback, halts Miaka's escape. The guards greet him as their general and explain that Miaka claims to be the Priestess of Seiryuu. Nakago immediately senses Chichiri's spell and breaks it, revealing his status as a powerful sorcerer.

The Kutou general politely greets Miaka and orders that word of her arrival is sent to the Emperor of Kutou. The two travel on horseback to the capital, Shunrou.

At the palace, Miaka and Yui are reunited in the throne room by Nakago. Confused, Emperor Xiao demands to know which of the two girls is the real Priestess of Seiryuu. Nakago looks through Miaka's bag and finds Suzaku's scroll of the Universe of the Four Gods, confirming that Miaka is the Priestess of Suzaku. Nakago's attempt to seize Miaka is interrupted by a palace guard, who claims an intruder has broken into the palace.[2]

As it starts to rain, Nakago makes his way out into a palace courtyard, eyeing the bodies of several guards, before confronting the intruder: Tamahome. The Kutou general scoffs at the Suzaku warrior's "stupidity" as his chi/qi attack barely grazes Tamahome's leg. While Nakago hardly made any contact with his rival, his advanced chi/qi technique severely injures Tamahome's leg. Chichiri suddenly appears on the palace gates and casts another freezing spell on Nakago, allowing Tamahome to escape. However, the Seiryuu warrior breaks the spell with ease, knocking Chichiri back.

The guards reconvene with Nakago inside the palace. When Yui appears alone, Nakago scolds her for joining with the Priestess of Suzaku, as she is the Priestess of Seiryuu and they are natural enemies. But Yui refuses the role of the priestess, prompting Nakago to remind her of the state he found her in when she first arrived.

Despite this reminder, Yui rejects Nakago and takes back Suzaku's scroll of the Universe of the Four Gods. Nakago only adds that, if she changes her mind about leaving, she should bring both Miaka and Tamahome to the shrine of Seiryuu, where Suzaku warriors cannot enter. Ultimately, Yui becomes fully convinced of Miaka's betrayal and brings her friend to the shrine as Nakago instructed.[3]

Inside the shrine, Nakago casts a chi/qi blast that cuts Miaka multiple times and sends her crashing to the ground. He explains to her that she will not be returning to Konan alive before conjuring another chi/qi blast. The force of the attack sends Miaka hurtling towards the shrine wall, but before she makes fatal contact, Chichiri uses his powers to pass through the spiritual barrier to catch her.

Nakago admires Chichiri's skill as a sorcerer before the monk casts another spell, destroying the wall of the shrine and revealing Tamahome behind it, When the Suzaku warrior manages to break through the barrier, Nakago hastily orders Yui to stand behind him as Tamahome lunges towards them, his punch barely grazing Nakago's side. But Nakago winces in pain, noticing how Tamahome replicated his chi/qi attack in the courtyard.

As Miaka and Tamahome become distracted by begging Yui to come with them, Nakago sends another chi/qi blast towards Chichiri, who takes a direct hit. The monk's cheerful mask falls from his face and reveals his scars, catching Nakago's attention. He and Chichiri glare at one another before the monk escapes with Miaka and Tamahome, leaving Suzaku's scroll behind. Nakago apologizes to Yui for his failure and escorts her to Emperor Xiao to announce her as the Priestess of Seiryuu.[4]

Search for the Suzaku Seven arc

Until Yui and the Seiryuu Seven can stop Suzaku from being summoned, Emperor Xiao decides to postpone Nakago's invasion of Konan. Sensing that Yui is feeling unwell, Nakago proposes a plan to "make" Tamahome love her. He sends a messenger to Eiyou who informs Emperor Hotohori that, if Konan wants to avoid war, they will send Tamahome to Kutou.[5]

When Tamahome arrives in Shunrou, Nakago greets him and explains that he will comfort Yui. Then, the Kutou General admits he has taken a liking to Tamahome, as he is the first person who has been able to hit him and cause some level of pain. Tamahome quips that Nakago must have only met "weaklings" on the field of battle and, in response, Nakago slaps him across the face. The two rivals are then interrupted by Yui, who scolds Nakago for hitting Tamahome before ordering him away. [6]

Meanwhile, Kutou spies update Nakago about Miaka's efforts to gather all the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku. Nakago then informs both Yui and Tamahome that Miaka has gone blind due to a fatal illness she caught in Chokou.[7] As Nakago predicted, Tamahome attempts to escape and is caught. In the palace dungeons, Nakago ties Tamahome up and proceeds to whip him repeatedly. In tears, Yui begs Nakago to stop and, after Tamahome falls unconscious, he does, lamenting that Tamahome only remains alive because of Yui's mercy.[8]

Kodoku arc

While walking by Tamahome's room in the palace, Nakago senses Chichiri's chi/qi and grows suspicious. He and Yui overhear Tamahome's plan to meet Miaka the next day and steal back Suzaku's scroll. After Yui's love for Tamahome goes unreciprocated, Nakago gives her instructions on how to use a manipulative poison called Kodoku, a hypnotizing drug that can make its user forget specific memories. He stresses that she must take drastic actions to get what she wants.[9]

Nakago then senses Tamahome's presence at the door and he purposely reminds Yui that she only became the Priestess of Seiryuu to get revenge on Miaka. Tamahome overhears this and, as he is leaving to meet Miaka, confronts Yui in the bath. Unbeknownst to him, Nakago has ordered Yui's handmaidens to burn chi/qi weakening incense. Tamahome collapses and Yui slips the Kodoku into his mouth as Nakago looks on.[10]

In a courtyard, Nakago and the palace guards meet a tresspassing Miaka, Chichiri, Tasuki, and Tama. Tasuki attempts to use his Tessen but Nakago casts a spiritual barrier, rendering their powers useless. He orders the guards to take their uninvited guests to the dungeons. Suddenly, Miaka charges at a guard, distracting Nakago long enough for Chichiri and Tasuki to find an opening in the barrier. The two disappear and Nakago orders his guards to search the palace.

Meanwhile, Nakago meets with Tamahome, who has forgotten his allegiance to Konan and his relationship with Miaka under the effects of the Kodoku. Nakago gifts Tamahome a blue tear-drop earring which he uses to manipulate his actions. He orders him to kill all servants of Suzaku, including Miaka.[11]

Searching the palace, Nakago catches Chichiri using shapeshifting powers to imitate him and simply scoffs at his efforts of imitation.[12] Nakago follows as Chichiri retreats back to the courtyard. A hypnotized Tamahome appears and Nakago watches the Suzaku warriors reluctantly battle their friend until he, too, joins in, firing a chi/qi blast at Chichiri and Miaka while Tasuki and Tamahome fight.

However, Chichiri cleverly uses Tama to break through Nakago's barrier and they all escape to Konan. Nakago curses at another loss but is shocked to notice that Tamahome is crying. He reflects that the Kodoku should have been strong enough to erase all memories of Miaka, but somehow some continue to linger in Tamahome's subconscious.[13]

Nonetheless, positive the Kodoku poisoning will last, Nakago allows Tamahome to travel to Eiyou with orders to kill Miaka. When Yui objects, Nakago attempts to calm her with a romantic gesture but Yui slaps him in the face, declaring she will never be happy while she is in the Universe of the Four Gods.[14]

When Tamahome returns to Kutou, Nakago is shocked to see that he has returned to his normal self. The Suzaku warrior claims that Nakago will never understand the kind of love that broke the Kodoku's hold on him. Tamahome steals back Suzaku's scroll but as Nakago moves to attack, he is stopped by Yui and the Suzaku warrior escapes his grasp once again. Undiscouraged by yet another failed plan, Nakago reveals to Yui that the Seiryuu Warrior, Amiboshi, has been imitating a member of the Suzaku Seven.[15]

Genbu's Shinzaho arc

The morning after Tamahome's escape, Nakago introduces Yui to Suboshi, Amiboshi's twin brother and fellow warrior.[16] In private, he explains to Suboshi that Yui has suffered a recent heartbreak, something he confesses he does not understand.[17]

Despite the summoning of Suzaku failing in accordance with his plan, Nakago is visibly troubled for the first time. He reports to Yui that Amiboshi has died and is convinced he was killed by the Suzaku Seven. As Yui comforts a grieving Suboshi, Nakago looks on and blames Amiboshi's stupidity rather than his own scheme that put him in harm's way.[18]Once he reports to Emperor Xiao, Nakago finds Suboshi and, seeing his desperation for revenge, directs his fellow warrior to kill Tamahome's family.[19]

In the shrine of Seiryuu, Nakago prays to a fire with glowing eyes. This is Tenkou. The demon god explains that, without Amiboshi, the remaining Seiryuu Seven must retrieve Genbu and Byakko's Shinzahos from the countries Hokkan and Sairou. Nakago convinces a hesitant Yui that Miaka is going to Hokkan because does not care about their feud/friendship, only the Shinzaho.[20][21]

On the Hokkan-Kutou border, Nakago tracks down a Hokkan scholar who has knowledge of the location of Genbu's Shinzaho. He tortures him until he reveals the Shinzaho's shrine is on Mt. Kokureishin. The scholar also adds that it cannot be accessed by any servant of Kutou, as the Shinzaho has been guarded by the spirits of two Celestial Warriors of Genbu who remember when Kutou invaded Hokkan over a century ago. Ultimately, Nakago orders his fellow Seiryuu warrior, Ashitare, to kill the scholar.[22]

Later, Suboshi stumbles into Nakago's yurt and finds him having sex with Soi. Nakago wishes to comfort her after her recent loss at Nyosei Island and instructs Suboshi to allow Ashitare to pursue the Suzaku Seven.[23]But, after Ashitare is defeated by Nuriko, Nakago whips him for having the nerve to return with failure and orders him to try again.[24]

Noticing Ashitare's chi/qi has disappeared, Nakago is confronted by Suboshi, who is worried that another one of their warriors have been killed.[25] However, Nakago coolly explains Ashitare's human form has died and that his wolf form will steal the Shinzaho from Miaka after she enters the shrine.[22]Once Ashitare returns with Genbu's Shinzaho, Nakago kills him with a chi/qi blast, concluding that he is no longer useful to him.[26]

After conscripting the Seiryuu warrior, Tomo, to impersonate Taiitsukun, Nakago lures Miaka into his tent with a hot meal. Knowing Tomo told her that she must sleep with him in order to weaken his chi/qi and steal back the Shinzaho, Nakago kisses her. Miaka angrily bites his lip and, in retaliation, Nakago knocks her to the floor with a chi/qi blast. Miaka makes a dash for the Shinzaho around his neck but the Kutou General uses his powers to suspend her in the air and freeze her in place. He sends another chi/qi blast her way which tears open her blouse, complaining about Yui's order not to kill her.[27]

Nakago reveals to Miaka that, if a priestess has sex, she cannot summon her Beast God. Miaka points out that, under this logic and contrary to his claims, Yui was never assaulted when she first arrived. Nakago confesses he lied to Yui to manipulate her and happily pictures Tamahome's face when he tells him Miaka has been assaulted.[28] With another chi/qi blast, he knocks Miaka out and reaches out to remove her clothing. However, a spiritual barrier of the red light of Suzaku stops his hand.[29]

Realizing he cannot accomplish his dark deed, Nakago exits the tent in time to meet Tamahome. He lies again and tells his rival that he has assaulted Miaka and punches him in the stomach. Then, Tamahome casts a chi/qi blast of his own, melting the armor on Nakago's shoulder and severely burning his flesh. Suddenly, Soi steps in to protect Nakago with her lightening powers and the two escape.[28]

Byakko's Shinzaho arc

On their way to Sairou, Nakago admits to Tomo that he did not assault Miaka. He blames her strong spiritual barrier and his desire not to sleep with a "comatose body." However, Tomo theorizes that Nakago failed because he saw a piece of himself in the young priestess. This idea is immediately shot down and Nakago continues to heal his shoulder wound.[29]Later, when Nakago hears of Tomo's death, he comforts a crying Yui and vows to always be by her side. The two share a kiss and he confesses his love for her, gifting her one of his blue-tear drop earrings.[30]

In Sairou's captial city, Arudo, Nakago, Yui, and the remaining Seiryuu Seven take refuge in a pagoda where the Seiryuu Warrior, Miboshi, is the abbot. They imprison one of the Celestial Warriors of Byakko, Tatara, and interrogate him on the Shinzaho's whereabouts. Under the control of Miboshi, a group of possessed monks discover Miaka inside the pagoda and bring her to Nakago. He greets her with a kiss but she returns it with a slap to his face. Nakago then punches Miaka in the stomach and leaves the matter of the approaching Suzaku warriors in Miboshi's hands.[31]

With preparations for the summoning ceremony set, Nakago fetches Yui, who has managed to retrieve Byakko's Shinzaho. She questions his love for her and, when he reassures her, she offers him one of her three wishes. He discloses her wants to be immortal, all-powerful, and god-like.[32][33]

After sensing Miboshi's death, Nakago guards the perimeter and, as Chichiri leads the charge up the stairs, he fires a chi/qi blast directly at him. However, Chichiri once again manages to impress Nakago when he absorbs most of the impact and shatters the Kutou general's chi/qi. Tamahome then tries to throw a punch but Nakago stops his fist, kissing him before kicking him down a flight of stairs.[34]

As Nakago turns to leave, Chichiri exposes his true identity as a member of the Hin Tribe and questions why Nakago even fights for Kutou. The Seiryuu warrior smirks but dismisses the monk just as Yui succeeds in summoning Seiryuu.[35]

The Final Battle

Before the battle between Kutou and Konan begins, Nakago discovers Tomo's shin and is shown images of the Real World. Soi sees the desire for conquest in his eyes and Nakago declares she does not have the power to fulfill him and his dream.

The battle commences. Nakago and Soi slaughter countless soldiers side by side until Tasuki hurls his sword at the Kutou general. Soi throws herself in front of Nakago and is impaled through the back. She confesses her love for Nakago, kisses him gently, and dies in his arms. For a moment, Nakago can do nothing but stare at her body as Yui makes her second wish and returns to her world.[36]

Enraged, Nakago attacks the Suzaku warriors but he is interrupted by Yui's voice calling to him. The earring he had gifted her allows them to communicate and Yui asks for him to come to her. Occupied with the war effort, Nakago sends Suboshi in his stead. Then, Hotohori confronts him on the field of battle and stabs his enemy in the chest. But Nakago fires a massive chi/qi blast and the impact kills Konan's fourth Emperor. [37][38][39]

Back in Kutou, Nakago leads an uprising against the imperial family. Emperor Xiao pleads for his life but Nakago reminds him that, because he mercilessly slaughtered the Hin Tribe, he will suffer the same agony. Piercing the Emperor's chest with his hand, Nakago casts a chi/qi blast that obliterates his former-leader. Yui calls to him once more and Nakago enters the Real World.[40]

Nakago appears at Yui's middle school in Tokyo and she confronts him about whether or not she was raped. Avoiding the question, the warrior insists all he has ever done is help her and that her actions against Miaka and the Suzaku Seven were done from her own free will. But Yui is not convinced and realizes she has been lied to the entire time. The two are interrupted by a the headmaster whom Nakago fires a chi/qi blast at. He barely misses his target and blows a hole in the side of the school.

He chases after a frightened Yui and finds Tamahome nearby. The Suzaku warrior refuses to return Yui to Nakago and reveals that they are characters in a book, which renders Nakago's lofty ambitions of power pointless. But the Seiryuu warrior is not phased by this argument and points out that now they exist in a world he will soon conquer.[41]

The two warriors begin to battle, destroying the surrounding city. As ambulances and police cars arrive at the scene, Nakago becames annoyed with the sounds of their sirens and restrains a severely wounded Tamahome. He expresses complicated emotions over having to finally kill his rival and licks the blood from Tamahome's face.

He fires one final chi/qi blast at his foe before returning to Yui, who he has placed a spiritual barrier around. Miaka then arrives and, seeing Tamahome's unconscious body, believes he has been killed. Nakago restrains Yui and uses his chi/qi to torture Miaka to get his priestess to grant him her third wish.

When Yui continuously refuses, Nakago explains that he had theorized that her and Miaka left their world because it was awful and they wanted to live in peace in the Universe of the Four Gods. He argues that, just like them, he wants to live in a peaceful world. He does not see the problem with destroying an "awful world" in order to build a more peaceful one from its ashes, with him as its ruler.[42]

Nakago looks on as Yui summons Seiryuu. But her third and final wish is not for him. As Tasuki and Chichiri arrive in the Real World, Nakago watches helplessly as Miaka uses the power of Yui's wish to summon Suzaku. Nakago sends a violent chi/qi blast towards the yougn priestess but the spirits of the rest of the Suzaku Seven appear to protect her. However, Nakago is determined Miaka will be devoured by Suzaku. Suddenly, much to the Kutou General's surprise, Tamahome regains consciousness and rushes to attack.[43]

As the two battle, Miaka seals Seiryuu away, draining Nakago of all his powers. Tamahome seizes the opportunity to punch straight through his rival's chest. In his dying moments, Nakago confesses that all his life he has been motivated by revenge, which has put him on a path of destruction and misery. As his physical body fades away, he has a vision of his mother and Soi before he finally passes.[44]

Fushigi Yuugi: Volumes 14-18

His spirit resides within his earring, which Yui wears as a memento and reminder of the mistakes both Nakago and herself have made. During the final battle against Tenkou, Nakago’s spirit shields Yui and her friends from harm, which Yui feels relieved and grateful of him.


"Priestess of Suzaku...You say your ideals can stop the hatred I have cultivated. Then show me... how you’ll… stop it....""
—Nakago to Miaka

Nakago appears as the strongest of the Seiryuu warriors and is also the unofficial leader. He is very strong, and his strength is more than worlds apart from Tamahome's skills. His powers are commonly wide energy blasts.

He also has the power to knock someone out cleanly using his constellation mark a lifting up his hand. He is also an accomplished sorcerer.



At first appearing as a confidant and possible friend to Yui, Nakago ends up taking advantage of Yui's belief she was raped, saving her life but making sure she falls under his influence and although he bides his time for a long while pretending to follow her commands and do her bidding, in reality, he is manipulating her as much as the rest to gain the power and influence he desires to truly wreak vengeance on the world he lives in.


Soi, a fellow warrior, is one of the only characters who really understands Nakago, although she is unable to protect him from himself. She possesses the ability to manipulate chi through intimacy, and for this reason, he takes her as his lover. However, it appears that he has some deeper feelings for her as he is concerned for her health on several occasions, and he carries her body with him after her death.


If there's anything about Nakago to remember, it's that he only associates with people he can use. Tomo, while canonically infatuated with Nakago, is not only his pawn but at times, his adviser. In the manga, Tomo actually suggests that Nakago does not rape Miaka, not because of Suzaku's barrier, but because it's stepping too close to his own childhood experiences. Of course, Nakago doesn't always listen to what Tomo says, but as the object of his love, he finds the best uses for him.

Hang in There Nakago!

Hang in There Nakago! (心宿しっかりしなさい! Nakago Shikkari Shinasai!) is extra short stories in manga and anime. Nakago (role name) is a new face actor playing a villain in the popular drama series "Fushigi Yuugi". Of course, he isn't cold-blooded or schemer either, he's quite insecure when around Tamahome and Miaka, which are his senior actors. He is encouraged by Yui and his fan who gives him a purple rose.

Vocal Collection

""For me, fighting is proof of living" I mutter, alone. I can't feel "loneliness" because I've never been close to anyone..."
—Nakago in Blue Eyes...Blue

Both Furusawa Tohru and Okiayu Ryotaro lent their voices to Nakago's Vocal Collection, a compilation of songs sung by the cunning warrior for the Fushigi Yuugi Soundtrack in both the anime and drama CD.


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  • He was renamed as Tarago in the Arabic dub.
  • For Valentine's Day in 1996, fans of the manga sent gifts to their favorite characters. Nakago received 6 items, coming in eleventh overall.


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