Full Name Ryuuen Chou
Nicknames Korin
Birthdate March 10 (Pisces)
Age 16-17 (Yukiyasha Den)
18 (Anime and Suzaku Hi Den)
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Yellow (manga)

Pink (anime)

Height 166 cm
Known Relatives Korin (Little Sister) (Deceased)
Rokou (Brother)
Teishin Cho (Father)
Ryouan Cho (Mother)
Sonjun Cho (Uncle)
Fuyoh (Aunt) Deceased
Additional Information
Beast God Suzaku
Title Celestial Warrior Suzaku, Nuriko
Rank Warrior
Occupation Harem Girl

Real World
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 3
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Sakamoto Chika (Anime)
Takayama Minami (CD Book)
Minagawa Junko (Suzaku Ibun)

Nuriko (柳宿), birth name Ryuuen Chou (迢 柳娟 Chō Ryūen, Tiáo Liǔjuān), is a major character in Fushigi Yuugi, and the protagonist in his light novel Yukiyasha Den. He also makes peripheral appearances in the OVAs. He is the 3rd Celestial Warrior of Suzaku to appear. He is introduced by his sister's name, Korin and is a member of the Cho family.

"I know it's hard right now but just try! There will be times like these when you'll just laugh about it later!"
— Nuriko,


Nuriko is an attractive individual with an androgynous face, dark purple hair and exceptionally slanted golden eyes (light pink in the anime). His hair has a lot of fringes and its length varies as the series progresses. It was first shown waist-length and is curled slightly to give a more feminine ambiance when he is pretending to be Korin.

Throughout his journeys, everything was mostly shown tied in a braid to give him a more masculine look. His hair also comes to a point when it is completely cut [about chin-length]. In contrast to his dark hair, Nuriko has ultimately pale skin.

Due to his refined fashion tastes, he wears a wide variety of clothing all throughout the series. Despite his colossal super-strength, he has a very nimble, agile body and he has a very small build for his age.


"Because if you live your life worrying over losing what you have, then you've already lost it. You can't be happy when you're worrying like that--and you can't love to the fullest if you're guarding yourself, either. So, you just have to be strong, love as much as you can...and hope that, when the day comes that you lose something, you're strong enough to get through it."
—Nuriko to Miaka
Nuriko scan
As he is a woman at heart and was meant to be born as one, since he was awakened as one of the Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, she is displeased with having a body of a man for she is in love with Hotohori. Nuriko exhibits a very mischievous character, at the same time enigmatic and happy-go-lucky. In the first episodes of his involvement in the storyline, Nuriko appears to be a flirty, spoiled and childish person. However, after Miaka openly calls him out on such a behavior but is still kind to him, AND they start to search for the warriors, he also shows a more serious side in order to fulfill his mission as a warrior, though the latter still remains.

Sporting a red symbol just below his collarbone, beating people up is Nuriko's specialty as his power consists in super strength. He also believes that people who hate each other are too weak to face the reality of life; his philosophy of love conquering everything channels into his remarkable source of courage.

Nuriko's passionate love for his friends gives him the strength and the courage to shove even the biggest obstacles out of their way. The object of his affections being Emperor Hotohori, Nuriko understands just how painful love is when your loved one doesn't return your feelings. Gradually, even the Priestess of Suzaku gains his promise of unconditional protection and love. Through all his cheerfulness and eagerness to help, Nuriko lives a life of love and sacrifice.

Later, Nuriko reveals to Tamahome and Miaka that his cross-dressing act came from the unyielding pain of losing his younger sister, Korin. Nuriko is more considerate this time, and he opens himself up to Tamahome, suggesting that he'll be his big brother (to this gesture Tamahome agrees). Though he is quick to anger and immature jealousy, Nuriko shows his compassionate side in the series most of the time. His honorable death not only increases his bonds with the warriors - but also strengthens Miaka's resolve to summon Suzaku at all costs.

Miaka seems to be a younger sister or a prospect girlfriend to him, as he cuts his hair to be able to protect Miaka to the fullest. Despite the shock this sent to the warriors, Nuriko insists that cutting his hair will be beneficial for battles to come, but it also symbolizes that he is letting go of his sister and starting to live his life for himself rather for Korin.


Light Novels/Gaiden

Yukiyasha Den

"Oh, would you please stop that. I'm only doing this so I can be together with my sister!"
—Nuriko, after being called a transvestite by Tamatama
In his novel, Nuriko's story about Korin and his beginnings explains more of his backstory and how he got where he was at the start of the original manga/anime. At one point in the story, he encounters a transvestite person called Tamatama, who teaches him the best ways to appear as a woman to even the most expert of eyes.

While in Yukigase, Nuriko is caught up in a legend about a beast named "Yukiyasha" from the mountains that descends in the snows and sacrifices a virgin. After meeting Byakuren, the chosen girl, Nuriko decides to prevent her from being sacrificed.

Nuriko takes up Byakuren's place, using his powers as a Celestial Warrior. This is his rite of passage, however, he struggles against the demon, Yukiyasha. In the end, Byakuren sacrifices herself.

Although Byakuren and Nuriko (posing as "Korin") have an antagonistic meeting, Byakuren falls in love with Nuriko and she has such a strong impression on the Celestial Warrior that he adopts her dream of meeting the Emperor and thanking him for a deed done long ago.

Shd p63 meeting

Houki and Nuriko ("Korin")

Suzaku Hi Den/series

"Call me Korin."
—Nuriko to Houki

As seen in Hotohori's light novel Suzaku Hi Den, Nuriko has quite a role as Korin, becoming Houki's close friend when the poor but beautiful future Empress enters the palace harem. At first, he laughs at the thought of seeing Houki fall into her own clothes, but he sees through her and becomes a close friend.

Nuriko, as "Korin", also tells Houki about his family and it is here where Nuriko reveals his birthplace and him being a child of a successful tailor in the capital city. However, despite their close relationship, he does not reveal his full story. He then gets angry when the palace fortune teller tells them that Houki will be the emperor's choice.

He also told Houki of the rumor that none of them will be chosen, but the Priestess of Suzaku who is yet to come. He also explains a harem girl's goal and job to attract the emperor and even teaches Houki some of his tricks.

Original Series


Nuriko reveals his celestial mark.

In the middle of the novel, before Kutou invades, in the series, this is better known as the great war between Konan and Kutou. It is even before here when Nuriko leaves the harem to journey with Miaka.

When buildings and roofs fall upon Tamahome and Miaka, one of the royal maidens dig the heavy pieces out. Nuriko reveals his sign as a Suzaku warrior and kisses Tamahome.

After his true gender is revealed by Miaka, he stops frequenting at the harem and starts to accompany Miaka and the Warriors' search of the remaining, now living as a (still quite feminine) man. As the plot flows Nuriko is constantly there but isn't among the most important characters as a whole, not even when Tamahome is poisoned by Kudoku. He develops a presence only until the ceremony fails, specifically when Taiitsukun bestows the warriors with gifts.


Main Article:Tragedies in Mt. Koku

Fushigi Yuugi - 37 - Bewitched Warmth-(013209)18-37-10-

Nuriko waves goodbye to the warriors before going to Mt. Kokureishin.

" that you...?"

During the search for Genbu's Shinzaho, Nuriko was one of the first to journey up Mt. Koku where he met his end fighting Ashitare, one of the Seiryuu seven. When Ashitare landed a fatal hit with the little strength he had left, Nuriko managed to break Ashitare's neck and lift the heavy boulder that was blocking the way to the Shinzaho.

After such a feat, he collapsed in the snow. The rest of the warriors were just a couple minutes too late to help him. His final moments were spent surrounded by his friends. Mitsukake honorably used his holy water that Taiitsukun gave him to erase Nuriko's wounds, and he was put to rest within the snow, looking unharmed and at peace. The ending theme used for this episode was Kaze no Uta, performed by Chika Sakamoto, Nuriko's Japanese voice actor, in honor of his noble death.


Nuriko's spirit fighting Tenkou

When Hotohori and Houki got word of his passing, they were heartbroken. His death ultimately became a new driving force for Miaka and the rest of the warriors to summon Suzaku and save Konan. He later reappeared during the final battle against Nakago and fought alongside his companions.



Nuriko and Reishun's images split, revealing that Reishun is the reincarnation

Throughout the OVAs, he was featured as a spirit and assisted Miaka and Taka's journey. In the 3rd OVA (Eikoden), Nuriko was reincarnated as a young girl named Ko Reishun, who was revealed to inherit the inhuman super-strength of his previous incarnation. It was also revealed that his reincarnation had taken a liking to Shu EianHotohori's reincarnation.


A tragic childhood accident snatched Nuriko's younger sister, Korin, away from him and, never recovering from the trauma and loss, he assumed her identity. They were extremely close, both in looks and behavior, and her memory becomes a plot device throughout Nuriko's character arcs.

In the second OVA, Nuriko was revealed to have an elder brother named Rouko, a recluse in the affluent district in Eiyou. A deeply devout man, he had turned to the teachings of Buddha after the deaths of his siblings. As the last surviving Cho child, he coveted any reminder of his lost loved ones, including a jewel of memory, which he refused to give up for the sake of Taka.


Nuriko powers
As a Suzaku warrior, Nuriko possesses inhuman super-strength, and this was shown during his anime debut when he lifted up the large pieces of rubble that Miaka and Tamahome were trapped underneath. The primary explanation of his ability is that he can lift objects that are more than several times his size with ease.

By the end of the first season, he is granted bracelets by Taiitsukun in which turn into armbands to increase his super-strength.

Character Songs

"Stop, people are weak, aren’t they. They fight and hate each other. Stop,But only love will be able to cross the boundaries. Fate is pulling me; maybe it’s pulling me to where you are…"
—Nuriko in Kaze no Uta

(Sakamoto Chika as TV series)

(Takayama Minami as CD Book)

  • Renren Bojō


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  • (To Tamahome) Tama-baby!
  • Miaka, you're stupid as ever!!!
  • So then, I became a woman for the sake of love.
  • Miaka, are you alright?
  • (Nuriko's last words) you
  • This is my house, alright.
  • (About Rouko) I had a brother. He was much of a coward and always depended on others.
  • Aww...that's so cold.
  • Taiitsukun!
  • (To Tamahome and Miaka) "I know it's hard right now but just try! There will be times like these when you'll just laugh about it later!"
  • (Suzaku Hi Den) Call me Korin, not lady Korin.
  • (Yukiyasha Den) So these senile old men weren't so dumb, after all...
  • (To Eian) Come on! When will you snap out of it? Everyone needs you!


  • Next to Chiriko, Nuriko is one of the shortest warriors, standing only on 5'5.
  • Nuriko's famous "Shhh" gesture is a notable recurrence; it was shown on a manga back cover and on the cover of Suzaku Ibun and on numerous trading game cards.
  • Nuriko is one of the three male celestial warriors to be voiced by a female voice actor, the other being Chiriko and Miboshi.
  • Nuriko is often the second choice when it comes to 'Favorite Warrior', slightly behind Tasuki and closely followed by Chichiri.
  • Nuriko's hobbies include fashion and singing.
  • Hotohori's comment upon meeting Nuriko for the first time was that he was "almost as beautiful as me."


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