Fushigi Yuugi Wiki
Status Alive
Age Over 1,000
Height ?
Birthdate ?
Blood Type ?
Affiliation Taiitsukun, Celestial Warriors of Suzaku, Celestial Warriors of Genbu
Occupation God
Weapon Magic, Hand-to-hand Expert
Family None
1st Appearance
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 6
Voice Actor
Japanese Tomoko Kawakami (Series)
English Melissa Fahn

The Nyan-Nyans, the childlike goddesses, serve Taiitsukun and reside at Mount Taikyoku with her. They are also known as Lai Lai. They can take the appearance of floating orbs and can appear when commanded.



It's not clear how old the Nyan-Nyans truly are. They seem to be about 6 years old in the original series and around 10 years old in the third OVA. They can age themselves up even further if needed: they're briefly seen as adult women at the end of the original series, in the Chichiri novel Shoryu Den the one taking care of Chichiri looks and acts like a teen.

Playful and mischievious, they can either multiply or "reduce" themselves to one single person when it suits their purposes: they're seen as only one being in the third OVA, but as multiple little girls in the original series. She has light blue hair, and is often seen wearing pink, yellow and red.


The Nyan-Nyans are very kind and helpful, eager to give a hand to those who need it as soon as Taiitsukun asks them to. They also can be extremely oblivious and tactless, however: they have offered Taiitsukun a repair of her face, which she's really annoyed at, and one of them also offered Nuriko a repair of what they call his "perverted" attitude, much to his dismay.

They can be more down-to-Earth when it's needed, on the other hand: the pre-teen one from OAV 3 switches between being bubbly and happy when she meets Miaka and her group in Konan, to being completely serious as she explains how hard Hotohori's wife and son have taken his death.


The Nyan-Nyans are very good healers, capable to curing injuries of all kinds via touching the person. They're also pretty skilled hand-to-hand fighters when there's need for it: in the first OAV series, one of them easily parries an energy attack from Tenkou via kicking it away.

Nyan-nyan in OVA 2