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"You may have killed the Great Priestess but I will grant you one more prophecy. The priestess and the others will absolutely summon Genbu. Noone will ever touch those protecting this country. And the fools who will try to kill them should throw such thoughts away. In the end your country of Kutou will be destroyed. LEAVE"
—Oracle Anlu

Namame and Oracle Anlu

The Oracle Anlu (巫尊師 アンルウ Anrū-sama) is a young girl who possesses the ability to manipulate spirits and prophecy. She is Namame's first friend.


Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden

Oracle Anlu is Namame's first friend. When she first met him, Namame flung stones at her. Realising that Namame had been treated badly by the people, she sat with him for a full day and then he accepted her as his friend.

According to the great priestess of Ifurei, Anlu comes from a successive generation whose power is that of the manipulation of spirits. When Takkiko and her friends arrived at the Legendary Stone Garden, Takiko's group spots Namame. They realize that Oracle Anlu was inside Namame's mouth.

When Shigi and Hien kill the Great Priestess, they come after Anlu too. She cannot fight them but does tell Takiko and her group how to get out safely, and also urges Namame to leave her service and go to Takiko's instead. She then faces the attackers and gives them a soft-spoken yet brutal speech: she first calls them out on the Great Priestess' death, then reprehends them on how their actions led to the slaughter of their own men at the hands of Namame-like stone beings, and at the end she gives them a prophecy that says Takiko WILL summon Genbu and Kutou will be destroyed. An enraged Shigi fatally strikes Anlu down, and she dies in Takiko's arms; her death sends Namame in a rampage.

Her necklace, made out of the same rock as Namame, is Anlu's parting gift to Takiko. It is a key artifact in Takiko's quest to summon Genbu: not only is it able to detect where the remaining Celestial Wariors are, but it eventually becomes one of the Shinzaho Miaka requires in order to summon Suzaku. Much later after her tragic death, her reason of pointing out the location of five more warriors which were supposed to be only four was because Hagas was only half-celestial warrior along with Teg.

In the final chapter, Oracle Anlu is reunited with Namame after he had sacrificed himself when Takiko made her second wish . This leads to the possibility that Namame could have met with Takiko and his fellow celestial warriors in the after-life.