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Ougi is the older half-brother of Hotohori who governs over Souun, Konan's Eastern capital. He is briefly mentioned in Suzaku Hi Den and is a minor character in Tasuki's light novel, Genro Den.


Ougi is depicted as a kind and level-headed man. He is a quiet leader, often electing to stay inside his palace instead of venturing out into Souun, but he is still respected by his citizens.

Although he respects Hotohori, he often compares himself to his younger half-brother. The circumstances of his position in Souun also raise doubts in his mind. As a result, he is insecure about his strength and physical beauty. These feelings of inferiority surface when he is manipulated in Genro Den.


Suzaku Hi Den

Ougi's mother was a concubine of Emperor Kougantei. Following the Emperor's death, the Dowager Empress, Motaiko, is determined to seize power for herself and her son, Hotohori. She plots the assassination of all of his half brothers: Ougi, Kotsuki, and Bogyoku. After Kotsuki and Bogyoku are killed, Ougi is forced to flee from Eiyou.[1]

It is only after Motaiko's death that Hotohori regains control of the Konan empire. As his last-surviving half-brother, the newly-enthroned Hotohori grants Ougi power over Konan's Eastern provinces, ruling from the Eastern Capital of Souun.[2]

Genro Den

"Until now I have left the position of Emperor to you but, I can no longer remain silent."
—Ougi, Genro Den: Chapter 6

The Lord of Souun appears in Genro Den in the streets of his city. He exits his carriage after witnessing Tasuki and Kouji rescue a flower seller from Mt. Kaou bandits. Initially, Ougi is transfixed by the scent of the flowers, but he is soon equally captivated by the flower seller's beauty.[3]

Ougi and Kyouan in Genro Den

At Ougi's request, the woman introduces herself as Kyouan. She explains her family had been attacked by rouge Kutou soldiers and she has been selling flowers to get by. Ougi asks her to arrange her flowers at his palace. Kyouan happily agrees and the two ride away in his carriage, much to the shock of on-lookers.[3]

At the palace, Kyouan is pampered by servants. Ougi is eager to learn more about her but is also troubled by Kutou's attack, as Konan is currently in peace talks with their neighboring country. Kyouan denies any suggestion that Hotohori had helped her village after the attack, further worrying Ougi. Kyouan then asks why Ougi is not Emperor, as he is the older half-brother. The Lord explains Motaiko's meddling and Hotohori's status as a Celestial Warrior of Suzaku are what secured him the throne.[2]

Kyouan expresses her doubts that Hotohori can protect his subjects, as he had not known of Kutou's attack on her village. She begs Ougi to take up arms against his half-brother to save Konan. This stirs something in him for a moment, but upon comparing himself with Hotohori, the thought of any rebellion leaves him.[2]

Dismissing Kyouan's suggestions, Ougi changes the subject to his unexplainable attraction to her. But his advances are rejected as she claims she only loves strong men, urging Ougi to become stronger. The Lord then resolves to send for Hotohori. Meanwhile, Kyouan makes plans to expand his army.[2]

Days pass and Hotohori arrives in Souun. Ougi greets his younger half-brother but cannot shake his insecurities. The Emperor silently observes the palace guard has been replaced by Mt. Kaou bandits, but he gives his support to his elder half-brother. Ignoring this, Ougi inquires about Kutou's attacks. Hotohori is surprised by this news, explaining that Konan soldiers should be stationed at the Eastern border. Suspecting that the Emperor is lying to him, Ougi brings out Kyouan to confirm Kutou's hostilities.[4]

Hotohori senses a dark presence about the woman but before he can voice his concern, Ougi questions Hotohori's ability to lead Konan. The Lord demands he take ownership of the Universe of the Four Gods, implying that Hotohori cannot fulfill his duty as both a Celestial Warrior and Emperor. His request is refused and Hotohori berates him for enlisting bandits under his command. Ougi claims it is necessary if he is to protect his people from Kutou, adding he will not be seen as weak against his younger half-brother.[4]

Hotohori and Ougi in Genro Den

Hotohori begs to talk with him alone, specifically without Kyouan, but Ougi refuses. Disappointed, the Emperor gives a final promise he will protect his own country, without Ougi, before leaving the palace.[4] Enraged, Ougi orders his men to raise an army to attack Eiyou. Palace aides explain that Souun's army, even with the Mt. Kaou bandits, cannot stand against the capital's army.

But Kyouan reveals that the Mt. Kaou bandits have a weapon equal to a million soldiers: the tessen. She had incited the bandit leader of Mt. Kaou, Kieron, to steal the weapon from the Mt. Reikaku bandits.[4] Enamored with Kyouan's approval, Ougi does not rescind his order. She presents him with a paper fan that appears to be the tessen and he embarks for the capital.[5]

Ougi and his men enter Mt. Reikaku, coming face-to-face with their leader, Hakurou. The Lord demands free passage and threatens to burn the bandits alive with his fan. Hakurou announces that the tessen is fake, which angers Ougi. Meanwhile, Tasuki, Kouji, and Reirei enter the palace in search of the real tessen. Kyouan, armed with the real fan, reveals her true form as Dokoro, and attacks the trio.[6]

Back on Mt. Reikaku, Ougi is about to give his men the order to attack Hakurou and his bandits. But when Kyouan is defeated, he stops. With the death of the demon who was manipulating him, Ougi regains his senses and instead orders his men to retreat to Souun.[5]


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