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Peipei is a minor character in the Fushigi Yugi light novel Suzaku Hi Den. She is Nuriko's harem maid.


Although Peipei is seen very little in both the manga and the show, she is shown to be devoted to her position and to serving Nuriko while he is in the harem.


Suzaku Hi Den

"Lady Korin! It is time for your bath, you can't escape me this time! To think, you haven't had a bath in a week, goodness!"
—Peipei to Nuriko

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

"That girl from another world needs to learn harem etiquette or she won't get along in this place."
—Peipei to Nuriko, Episode 4

Peipei appears briefly in Episode 3 when Nurko makes his way out of the inner court to save Miaka and Tamahome, who are trapped under the rubble of a collapsed pavilion.