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Raimon is a major character in Sanbou Den. He is a knife-throwing performer in a traveling circus who has eyes for Karin, an acrobat in their troupe.


Raimon was a rather meek child, often doing what he was told without question. His adoptive mother treated him as her own but when she passed, he found himself alone with his violent father-figure. Abandonment and frequent abuse shaped his outlook on life for most of his childhood as he was forced into a deep depression and contemplating his will to live.

This, of course, changed when he met Karin and Anzu. As someone who had traumatic experiences with family, Raimon was quick to make his own. He made the two girls, who had also just been abandoned by their birth parents, feel more at ease and supported in their new situation.

His romantic feelings for Karin and sibling bond with Anzu were incentives for him to change his life and attempt to leave the circus. Raimon's pure intentions were never questioned and his responsibility towards Karin and Anzu stayed with him up until his death.

Unfortunately, this bond was easily exploited by Tenkou and Raimon admitted himself into the demon god's service only to come back unrecognizable and emotionless.

Sanbou Den Part 1

I'm not the same naive boy I was before…
— Raimon, Sanbou Den Part 1

Born in Hokkan, Raimon is abandoned as an infant and is found by an elderly woman who belongs to a traveling circus. When the owner of the circus discovers that Raimon is skilled with throwing knives, he puts him through training at a young age to perform in the circus. At the age of five, his kind, adoptive mother passes away. He is left in the care of the circus owner, an alcoholic gambler with growing debt, who makes him work for his keep and frequently beats Raimon. 

His life changes for the better when he adopts a performing monkey and, a few years later, Karin and her younger sister, Anzu, are sold into the circus by their parents. Karin catches Raimon’s eye and her dedication towards paying off her parents’ debt inspires him to devote more time to knife training. 

The three performers grow up together under the training of the cruel circus owner and perfect their acts, with Raimon perfecting a dangerous, blind knife-throwing routine. His monkey holds a Chinese quince, the fruit Karin is named after, while Raimon stands with his back to him at the other end of the stage. He then throws a knife over his shoulder and hits the fruit. Karin is flattered by the sentiment. 

As they travel around, Raimon devises a plan to confess his love to Karin and, most importantly, to find a way for the three of them to escape the circus. He felt he owed nothing more to his father-figure. 

One day, while performing in Sairou, Raimon and the rest of the performers witness the summoning of Seiryuu at a nearby temple. He decides to take a look around the wreckage and finds a beautiful hand mirror and an intricate necklace. In touching the items, he discovers their unique powers. Unbeknownst to him, they are Byakko and Genbu’s Shinzahos


When the circus travels to Kutou, Raimon asks Karin to meet him in the center of town. He plans to present the mirror to her as a gift and confess his feelings. While he is on his way, he spots quince blossoms in front of a small shop. He decides to barter the mirror for the blossoms but as he approaches the stand, a thief steals a large branch of the quince flowers. Raimon chases after him and has his monkey steal back the branch, but when he returns to the shopkeep, he is accused of being the thief and is promptly arrested.

Anzu witnesses the incident and tells Karin, who begs the circus owner to help him. He informs her that he knows a wealthy man who has political sway in Kutou and that, in exchange for Raimon’s freedom, Karin must marry him. Though she did not know it at the time, the owner had framed Raimon to close a deal with a wealthy landlord who took a liking to Karin. 

A heartbroken Karin agrees and goes to visit Raimon in the Kutou jail. She tells him all he needs to do is confess and everything will be resolved, but Raimon does not believe that Karin would be so willing to marry a man she does not love. He is convinced she is being bribed and refuses a confession. When Karin is prompted to leave by the guards, Raimon slips her the handmirror and necklace and explains that their powers will protect her and Anzu. 

Once Karin is married off and Anzu escapes from the circus, Raimon and his monkey are sentenced to death. 

When he is killed, Tenkou, a demon god, appears before Raimon’s spirit and offers him a second chance at life. In exchange, he has to collect all four Shinzahos for the demon god to use their concentrated powers for dark purposes. Driven by his desire to see Karin again, Raimon accepts but comes back half the man he once was, without emotion or attachments. Honor-bond to carry out Tenkou’s deeds, he starts on a quest to retrieve the hand mirror from Karin and the necklace from Anzu. 


Months later, Raimon appears on Mt. Reikaku in search of Anzu. He disarms Tasuki and warns him of an oncoming attack from the Kaou bandits. Relieved that he is safe, Anzu catches up with her brother-figure after a feast with the rest of the bandits. She is confused about how he survived his death sentence but Raimon is mysteriously quiet about the incident. He then confesses that he needs the necklace that she has in her possession to free Karin but Anzu is hesitant to give up such a powerful item, especially since the Kaou bandits plan to attack the next morning. 

Raimon assures her that Tasuki’s Tessen will be enough to win the battle and when Anzu expresses her love for the warrior and her desire to prove herself to the other bandits, he reveals the incantation to make the Tessen work. 

The battle commences the next morning but he is nowhere to be found. When the Kaou bandits overwhelm Tasuki, Kouji, and Anzu, they take the trio to their stronghold on Mt. Kaou. There, they discover Raimon has been working alongside Eiken and Kieron to exact their revenge on Tasuki. He takes Anzu’s necklace and states that he is a changed man before revealing that Tasuki will be burned at the stake with his own Tessen. 

Sanbou Den Part 2

I'm sorry, I can't hold you anymore.
— Raimon, Sanbou Den Part 2

Just as Tasuki is about to be turned to ash, Anzu breaks free and saves him but not before Raimon and his monkey disappear with the necklace.

Meanwhile, Karin has fallen under the influence of Tenkou, who has been manipulating the power of the hand mirror, affectively bewitching her in the process. She has learned of the circus owner’s plan that framed Raimon and his subsequent demise. 

Deeply hurt and fueled by revenge, Karin tracks down the circus owner and the wealthy landlord she was forced to marry to kill them. But she is stopped by Raimon who appears in the doorway. In her disbelief, Karin rushes into his arms but she falls straight through them. He expresses his regret that he is not able to hold her and Karin, realizing that he is a ghost, collapses. Raimon catches her and, using the power of Tenkou, kills the circus owner and landlord before disappearing into the night. 


He is found at the Seiryuu shrine in Kutou where he is confronted by Chichiri, Tasuki, and Anzu. With an unconscious Karin in his arms, he demands that Chichiri retrieve Seiryuu’s Shinzaho, or else he would cut her throat. Hearing this, Karin wakes and begs Chichiri not to listen to him so she can die with Raimon. Anzu and Tasuki protest but the monk enters the shrine and gives the Shinzaho to the possessed Raimon.

No longer in need of a hostage, he tries to kick Karin away but she refuses to budge. A battle ensues and, in the chaos, Karin apologizes for the pain he went through and blames herself for everything. She gives a tearful confession of her love for him. 

Raimon becomes overwhelmed and transforms into the kind man he was in life. But Tenkou’s power is stronger than expected. Both Raimon and his monkey turn into their corpse-forms and start attacking the group once again. Tasuki pulls out his Tessen and Raimon thanks Karin and tells her he loves her before he turns to ash.

His ashes are spread under a quince tree and an apricot tree in Konan, symbolizing his bond to Karin and Anzu, even in death.