Father and son

Limdo and Temudan Rowun, the crown prince and crown king of Hokkan

"Above all, Kutou's main target are the "Life Stones" that the Rowun Clan possesses. Unlike all of Hokkan's other resources, it was the single resource that wasn't exported to other countries. It is a "resource" that only the emperor can use, for only the emperor knows its location."
—Temudan Rowun

The Rowun Clan is the royal family of Hokkan at the time of Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. This clan has a very close connection with the Wakaosa Family.


Name Rank Status
? Rowun First Emperor Deceased
? Rowun Second Emperor Deceased
? Roun Third Emperor Deceased
Temudan Rowun Fourth Emperor Deceased
Tegiru Rowun Fifth Emperor Deceased
Ayula Rowun Fourth Empress Alive
Rimudo Rowun Sixth Emperor Deceased
Takiko Okuda Priestess of Genbu/Sixth Empress Deceased
Efinluka Rowun First Princess Alive
Unknown Rowun Fifth Empress Unknown, Probably Deceased
? Rowun Imperial Princess Alive
? Rowun Imperial Princess Alive
? Roun Seventh Emperor Alive
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