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Ryusei Den (Legend of the shooting star) is the light novel about the Seiryuu Warrior twins, Amiboshi and Suboshi.


  • Amiboshi
  • Suboshi
  • Sho Tessoh
  • Shin Toka
  • Chama Lee
  • Nakago
  • Soi
  • Yui

Story Outline

Nine-year-old twins Bu Kotoku and Shunkaku (future Amiboshi and Suboshi) lost their parents in Kutou’s Civil War and are taken in by distant relatives. The older and stronger twin cares for his younger and weaker twin while they are bullied by these relatives for three years. One night, the younger twin, Shunkaku, wakes up to find his older brother is missing. Shunkaku believes that his brother has abandoned him and becomes a very violent boy who joins a guerrilla squad called “Basara” whose goal is to kill Kuto’s general, Nakago. Driven by his hate towards Kotoku, Shunkaku becomes very skilled at using his new weapon, Ryuseisui. When Kotoku, who had left the relatives' house to search for the Priestess of Seiryuu, sees a shooting star one night, he gets a bad feeling and hurries back to his relative's house…

This time, Kotoku’s quest changes from searching for his Miko to searching for his twin. But a cruel fate awaits the twins…


  • Chapter 1: The Twins' Tragedy
  • Chapter 2: Shunkaku's Awakening
  • Chapter 3: Flute of Destruction
  • Chapter 4: The Girl in Basara
  • Chapter 5: The Pride of a Chosen Warrior
  • Chapter 6: Painful Partings
  • Chapter 7: On the Brink of Betrayal
  • Chapter 8: Lingering Between Love and Hate
  • Chapter 9: Conspired X-Day
  • Chapter 10: Fated Separation


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