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Sairou (西廊国; Sairou koku) is one of the four empires in The Universe of the Four Gods. It lies in the West and is composed largely of desert and sandstone settlements.

Sairou is protected by the beast god, Byakko. Ruled by Emperor Nahido in Byakko Senki, it is based off of Tibetan and Chinese Culture. Despite Byakko's sovereignty over the West, it can be assumed that Sairou's people believe in more than one God since beliefs very similar to Buddhism have spread widely throughout the country. 



In contrast to the other three empires, Sairou's climate is extremely hot. While visiting the country, Tasuki mused that a person could only go out in the night or else the sun would "toast" them. The terrain is comprised of mostly sweeping deserts, deep sandstone trenches, and Central/Western Asian-style housing.

Sairou's geography appears to be inspired by The Silk Road, the famous land route connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As a result, there are multiple cultural influences on the traditional clothing and architecture of Sariou. Most of the homes and buildings that appear in the series take notes from Tibetan architecture while many people are shown to wear headwraps and hats to protect their scalps from the blistering sun.


  • Sairou’s pluristic beliefs allowed the growth of a powerful cult known as the Sanga (Three Priests Alliance), which is led by a mysterious man known as the "Great Priest." In Byakko Senki, Emperor Nahido and the Arudo authorities fear that this cult will cause a schism and destroy the country.