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Sasaki is a minor character in Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play. He was the Student Council President at Yotsubadai High School.


Sasaki's personality is well-liked by his classmates. He is both equally respected by his peers and by his teachers. As the Student Council President at Yotsubadai, he works well under pressure and has a level head about him. His attractive appearance turns the heads of some of his female peers, however, despite his popularity, the male students look up to him and do not see him as a rival.


"As student body president, I can't stand silent while our students are still subjected to corporal punishment."
—Sasaki, Chapter 83

After being pressured by her classmates to join student government, Yui prepares a speech to run for Vice President of the Student Council. She tells Miaka that she might not win because many girls are entering the race to be closer to the popular president, Sasaki.[1]


At school, Miaka and Yui witness Kuwahara, a fellow student and Tetsuya's cousin, bump into Mr. Uramoto, a teacher with a notorious temper. When the teacher is about to hit the student for disrespecting him, Ren Shigyou steps in and takes the blow instead. As tension begins to reach a breaking point, the charismatic President Sasaki intervenes and de-escalates the situation, earning praise from his fellow students.

Ren, who also gains positive attention from the confrontation, is consumed by jealousy, admiring how with just "one word," Sasaki demonstrated his power over the teachers and student body.[1]


That night, after leaving the Student Council room, Sasaki is attacked by Yô, Tenkou's demon familiar. Ren, who ordered the attack, intends to replace him as Student Council President. The demon chases Sasaki up to the roof of the school and corners him, tackling him over the railing. He plummets to the ground and suffers a severe head injury.

Miaka and Taka witness the aftermath, but, conveniently, Ren is the first at the scene. He explains to onlookers that he saw Sasaki jump from the roof but conviences the teachers present not to mention the possibilty of an attempted suicide, as it would not be a good look for Yotsubadai.[2] Sasaki is escorted by ambulance to the hospital, accompanied by Ren, but he takes a signifigant leave of absence from school to recover. Meanwhile, Ren's plan has already been set in motion.

The next day, a special Student Council election is held during 5th and 6th periods. In light of Sasaki's accident, both the President and Vice President positions need to be filled. Ren agrees to run as Sasaki's replacement, much to the student body's delight. During the election, Miaka joyfully introduces Yui in a testimonial before she makes her speech for Vice President. When Ren steps up to the podium, he dramatically recites a dark speech about subservience and revolution to a hyponized crowd, earning immence applause. [2]


Later that day, Miaka recieves a message on her pager, telling her to meet the sender on the north building roof that night. Suspecting it to be Taka, Miaka eagerly waits on the roof after school. She reflects on Sasaki's accident, eyeing a blood stain on the concrete below.

Suddenly, Sasaki appears. He anxiously asks Miaka for his glasses but his repeated requests grow more violent as blood begins dripping from the side of his head. He pushes Miaka against the railing before throwing her over the side. As she falls, she is transported back inside the Universe of the Four Gods.[2]

Ren is then seen next to Sasaki, holding the scroll to the Universe of the Four Gods. He expresses his regrets over their foiled plan before ordering the former Student Council President's soul back to the hospital. It is then revealed that the Sasaki who attacked Miaka was a puppet of Yousui's that temporarily trapped Sasaki's soul to carry out Tenkou's plan.[3]


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