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Shouryuu Den (The Legend of the Rising Dragon) is Chichiri's story and the 2nd Light Novel that Megumi Nishizaki wrote.



Parts of Chichiri's flashback with his fiancee and Hiko appear and after Chichiri tries to end his own life and share the same fate with his fiancee Koran and Hiko, he is rescued by a girl who shares the same name as his dead fiancee (Koran and is healed by her father as he struggles to come to terms with the fact he's survived death a second time. While on his time in the Seisen village (where Koran and his father save him), Koran and Chichiri go fishing and


Koran tells him about the Legend of the Rising Dragon, whoever is the first to see the dragon rising from the river, nothing can ever separate them as they are guided into eternal happiness. During this period of recovery, he is spoken to by the great sage Taiitsukun and guided to Mt. Taikyoku to begin training as a warrior of Suzaku, although to begin with he has no idea that he's doing any such thing or that Nyan Nyan and Taiitsukun are the beings they truly are. Meanwhile, Nakago, a Seiryuu Celestial Warrior, are hatching a plot to flood Seisen village, the place where Kouran and her sweetheart Shuusei live. Her sweetheart Shuusei (who strongly resembles Hiko) is conscripted to fight for Kutou, but when he discovers the plan to flood the village, he defects and runs home with the intention of warning them. A few misunderstandings follow, but in the end, Chichiri finds his strength as a warrior of Suzaku and uses the force of his determination to save Koran and Shuusei from dying in the same way his fiancee and best friend had died years earlier. It is at this point he sees Mt. Taikyoku in its true form for the first time, as he realizes he finally has become "Chichiri" and no longer just "Houjun Ri."


  • Chapter 1: Salvation by Koran
  • Chapter 2: The Wandering Traveler
  • Chapter 3: Training with Child
  • Chapter 4: Danger for Sacred River Village
  • Chapter 5: Bound for the Final Test
  • Chapter 6: Returning Nightmares
  • Chapter 7: Love Torn Apart
  • Chapter 8: Bound for the Promised Place
  • Chapter 9: Replay of Destiny
  • Chapter 10: The Birth of Chichiri

"Shouryuu" Etymology

 Shoryuu is the village where Chichiri lived with his fiance, Kounan, and his best friend, Hiko before a devasting flood that destroyed the village, killed Kounan and Hiko, and both mentally and physically scarred Chichiri. This village gets its name from Konan's largest waterway, the Shouryuu River, which stretches across the Eastern provinces.


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