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Souun is a location introduced in Genro Den. It is the Eastern Capital of Konan in the Koshu Province situated within the valley between Mt. Reikaku and Mt. Kaou. Essentially the center of civilization in the mountain area of Konan, the city is governed by Ougi, who is in control of the Eastern provinces under the Emperor.

It is also a common haunt of Tasuki, Kouji, and the Mt. Reikaku bandits. Tasuki's village, Taito, is west of here and lies on the outskirts of the city.

Bandit Conflicts

Citizens and vendors alike are subjugated to bandit tolls, robberies, and assaults when seeking passage through the mountains to enter or leave the city. This is a lucrative set-up for the two rival gangs. Many have tried to navigate the mountains and slip pass the toll stops with very few successes.

With their tough control of the mountains, the bandit gangs stay relatively in their own territories. Bandits frequently descend from their stomping grounds only for tavern and brothel visits. But occasionally, they fight their rivals.

Since Souun is situated between the two bandit mountains of Mt. Reikaku and Mt. Kaou, it is consequently the battleground between the two gangs. Whenever tensions grow between the groups, the people of Souun know not to venture too far outside of their homes.

When these conflicts arise, the city is relatively under siege as merchant traffic through the mountains comes to a complete halt. According to the light novels Genro Den and Sanbou Den, there have been two major battles between the Reikaku and Kaou gangs; although, there have been plenty of smaller rows with minor losses.