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Takumi Mochitsuki is the male protagonist in the video game Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden:Kagami no Miko. He is also a playable character and one of the male characters you can choose Mariko to end up with.


Like Tomite in the original prequel, he has deep dark blue hair that doesn't run that long; only up to his face. He has golden-brown eyes and in contrast to his hair: he is tanned. [This wasn't that obvious when he changed costume in between routes; he was shown to be very pale all the time when he was manipulated.]

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Takumi's alternate appearance

Prior to their misadventure, Takumi is shown to be wearing a uniform consisting of a deep brown long-sleeve vest worn above a button-down shirt and a simple red tie. Running below these is a dark blue pants. In approximately any route in the otome game Takumi will become manipulated and controlled before he changes costume: a blue leather covering similar to Shura's or Shigi's; worn above a white long-sleeved shirt and pants. Accompanying these is a samurai sword.


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