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"Thanks is nice, but money is better."


Full Name Sou Kishuku
Nicknames Tamahome, Tama
Birthdate June 28th (Cancer)
Constellation Demon
Age 17
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Known Relatives Miaka Yuki (Wife)
Hikari Sukunami (Son)
Father (Deceased)
Mother (Deceased in childbirth)
Chuei (Little Brother) (Deceased)
Shunkei (Little Brother) (Deceased)
Gyokuran (Little Sister) (Deceased)
Yuiren (Little Sister) (Deceased)
Additional Information
Beast God Suzaku
Title One of Seven Celestial Warrior
Rank Warrior
Occupation Warrior
School Coach (Eikoden)

Real World
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa (Anime)
Seki Toshishiko (CD Book)
Miyano Mamoru (Suzaku Ibun)

David Hayter (English)
Dave Wittenberg (English; Eikoden)

Tamahome (鬼宿), real name Kishuku Sou (琮 鬼宿 Sō Kishuku, or Cóng Guǐxiù), is the first Suzaku warrior Miaka meets and has the character "Ogre" on his forehead. He appears to be obsessed with money, but only wants to use it to support his family. Tamahome is a very single-minded individual for the most part. At first his drive is his family - they are all encompassing to his attitude to life and everything he does is for their benefit, even to the point of making himself appear something of a penny pincher to a confused Miaka and company to begin with. Despite his altruistic reasons for needing money, Tamahome is also very proud and he doesn't ever divulge why he needs the money or even tells Miaka and the others about his family at all.

Character Outline

"It hasn't changed, really. It's because I had found something more worth to me than money."
—Tamahome, to Tokaki

At the beginning of the series, Tamahome is portrayed as greedy and stingy, jumping at any chance to make money. However, it is later revealed his attachment to money stems from his job as being the sole provider for his family. His attitude around money never wavers until he realizes his love for Miaka. He eventually confesses to his former-mentor, Tokaki, that Miaka meant more to him than money. 

Tamahome appears to be sneaky and aloof at first. He views the relationships he makes with people as fleeting and only useful to him in the moment. But in reality, he keeps people at a safe distance and chooses not to show his true emotions in order for him to focus on providing for his family. Although Tamahome is confident, proud and stuck-up, he fights dearly for what he cares about. He shows extreme tenderness towards Miaka as their relationship develops and shares a sarcastic sense of humor with Nuriko and Tasuki who often exchange playful insults with each other.

He has a few antagonistic first encounters with members of the Suzaku Seven. At first, he sees Hotohori as a rival in the fight for Miaka's affections before developing a friendship with him. When he first meets Nuriko, he is annoyed by his attempts to make Miaka jealous by flirting with him. The two eventually form a sibling-like dynamic as Nuriko acts as the voice of reason to Tamahome's naivety. Regardless, Tamahome stops at nothing to protect the ones he loves and develops not only a rivalry but also an immovable hatred towards Nakago who threatens them all.


Tamahome is a handsome young man with an athletic build. He has tan skin from his childhood in his rural hometown of Hakuko and life as a traveling conman. In the anime, he has dark teal hair and grey eyes while, in the manga, he has black hair and eyes. At the beginning of the series, he wears his teal hair long and ties it back in a low ponytail adorned with red laces. This hairstyle is later adopted by his younger brother, Chuei, and causes Miaka to mistake the boy for Tamahome. Later, his hair is cut short during his battle with Suboshi after the death of his family.

He wears a variety of traditional Chinese clothing comprised of either changshans or tunics. In his initial appearance, he wore a dark blue long sleeved changshan with a yellow and light blue collar, a red sash, maroon pants, and black Chinese flats.

When he accompanies Miaka, Hotohori, and Nuriko to Mt. Taikyoku, he wears a black changshan under a beige tunic with an olive collar and trim, his usual red sash, white pants, and black flats. He remains in this outfit until he travels to Kutou at the behest of Yui Hongo.

After he is brainwashed by Nakago's use of kodoku, he wears a black changshan with gold outlines and buttons, black pants, a blue sash, and black boots. He also wears a a blue stud earring on his left ear, the source of his brainwashing, a blue headband on his forehead, and a black cloak. While wearing the outfit, he wields either a single nunchaku or a sword.

Once he breaks free from the brainwashing, he changes into a white changshan under a light orange tunic, a brown sash, cream colored pants, and his black Chinese flats from his first outfit.

During the summoning ceremony, Tamahome wears a red changshan under a light purple tunic with a white collar, black pants, and black flats.

When he travels to Hokkan along with the other warriors including Miaka until he spends time with her alone, he wears a red sleeveless Chinese tunic with black outlines adorned with a purple belt, and has white linings within his black Chinese buttons, beneath his tunic is a white long sleeve shirt, light green pants and black boots which is tucked on his pants. In Hokkan, he wore a green winter long coat like the other warriors except Nuriko.

By the time he was nearly seduced by Soi due to Tomo's illusional powers and failing to protect Miaka from him during the battle alongside Amiboshi, both his shirt and tunic are replaced by a white short sleeved openly collared button shirt and his purple belt is now adorned on the waistline of his light green pants.

After recovering from his injuries and rescuing Miaka from Suboshi along with his fellow warriors as well as attempting to stop Yui from summoning Seiryu during the ceremony, he wears a black short sleeve Chinese tunic with light purple designs along with a red hanguls on it and was tucked with a loose red belt with it's ribbons hanging loose and the tunic is long at the back that reaches from his ankles, beneath his outfit is a yellow sleeveless shirt, white pants and black and red boots with yellow folded sleeves. He also wears black wristbands in both wrists. Later, he wears a yellow sleeveless Chinese button shirt which is long at the back with black linings, white pants and black boots.

When he battles in the war, being transported in the real world and in his final battle with Nakago, he wore a black armor with a gold collar, beneath his outfit is a white Chinese button shirt with the collar, folded sleeves and buttons being yellow, a medium blue greaves tied in a red belt with ribbons along with a gold loincloth and the interior of it being red, lavender pants and dark brown knee-high boots. He is also wears black armor wristbands. When the armor is removed or most of his top being destroyed by Nakago's attack, he has a light purple belt adorned from his lavender pants. As he stays in the Yuuki's house, he wore light blue sleepwear pajamas and later and hanging out with both Keisuke and Miaka as well as his final battle with Suboshi, he wears a modern outfit which would later worn frequently by his reincarnated self, Taka Sukunami; a black trenchcoat along with a periwinkle mini vest and brown outlines, a red loose turtleneck shirt, black pants and black shoes. At the end of the episode, Tamahome appears in a black denim blazer jacket with a red turtleneck, cream colored jeans and black shoes.

In the first OVA version, when Tamahome was branded as a traitor in Kounan following his return back on his book and being portrayed by the late Nakago after Kaen had called this name not knowing it was Tomo who created her from his illusions to make him drink with a poison, he now wears a light blue denim blazer with a medium green short sleeve shirt, khaki jeans with a brown belt around his waist and red sneakers with dark blue linings. The mark of his forehead is no longer the "ogre" symbol as it was replaced by a "heart" symbol which Nakago currently has on his forehead. At the near end of the OVA, he regains his original symbol of his forehead to battle Tenkou and to rescue Yui and before he and Miaka were separated leading him to be reincarnated as Taka in the second OVA.

He later returns of wearing his Chinese apparel, this time is a blue sleeveless tunic with white and red outlines adorned with a yellow belt with it's ribbons hanging loose, light violet long sleeve collared undershirt with a matching dark blue folded sleeves, black pants and black boots. Later when he was forced to fight Kouji and his group of bandits as well as refusing to Kaen's seductions, Tamahome wears a white loose openly button shirt, black pants adorned with a red belt and black flats.

At the second OVA version where he was recreated by Tenkou while antagonizing his reincarnated self, Taka Sukunami for Miaka's love and carries the remaining three jewel of memories within him, he regains his long hair and his outfit is now black and yellow Chinese tunic with a matching pants and flats. Later when Miaka was captured by Tenkou's strings and battling Taka until he was fused by him, he wore a revealing warrior attire; a dark blue high-neck revealing armor with a matching pauldrons and spring green linings and purple outlines. The collar within his armor resembling his previous changshan outfits and is tied in a yellow orange belt adorned with ribbons, he only wears a dark blue and spring green kilt that reaches before the knee and it was long at the back along with a matching blue loincloth with gold outlining. This outfit also shows his bare legs and spring green and black boots that resembling his flats with dark blue folded sleeves. He also equipped with a matching dark blue armguards that resemble gauntlets with purple outlines.


Tamahome's family

Tamahome is seventeen years old and the eldest son of the Sou Family. His mother died after giving birth to his youngest sister, Yuiren. He has two brothers(Zhong-Rong/Chuei and Chung-Jing/Shunkei), two sisters (Yu-Lun/Gyokuran and the aforementioned Jie-Lian/Yuiren) and a sick father (later healed by Mitsukake). However, they were killed by Suboshi when he mentally broke after the apparent death of his brother Amiboshi in a fight with Tamahome, and after Nakago's "suggestion" he retaliated via slaughtering them in revenge.

A young Tamahome and his mother

Tamahome first sees Miaka as a little sister, and would gladly give his life for her. However, when she returns home for three months of time in the book he realizes that his love for her is actually of the romantic kind. Fortunately, he's not afraid to admit that. Unfortunately, everything in the world seems to want to stand between them. If it isn't Yui trying to win him over, it's Taiitsukun telling Miaka she can't touch any guys, or Nakago making Miaka think she's dirty, or Tokaki telling them Suzaku won't be able to keep them together... it's just one thing after another, but nothing can keep these two apart. Their love is strong enough to conquer anything, and, yeah, it even saves the world.

Tamahome isn't afraid to care about people, so he's fairly close to all the warriors, but he's usually a little sidetracked by Miaka so he doesn't spend much time with anyone else. He has some interesting dynamics with Nuriko and Tasuki, as some of their light-hearted mannerisms mingle well with Tamahome's sense of humor.


He first appears in the Anime when Miaka and Yui were transported in the book, he then saved them from slave traders and demanded money. When they tell him they don't have money, he walks away stating that they were penny pinchers.

When Yui is transported back to the modern world Miaka thinks that Tamahome abducted her. Miaka then searches for him, gets into trouble and he saves Miaka from street thugs.They then walk along the streets


where and when they see the imperial procession nearby. Tamahome says that if you get one jewel off the crown of the emperor, the jewel will make you rich.

Miaka then decides to get one to repay Tamahome, and she tripped and fell onto the emperor's palanquin, and the both of them were arrested. They were inside a dungeon but they manage to escape thanks to Miaka's gum, but were separated when Miaka wonders off in the direction of the smell of food. Miaka is then asked by the emperor, Hotohori, if she wants to be the priestess of Suzaku and have her wishes granted. Miaka agrees. Now they have to search for the remaining 6 of the warriors, so they gathered all the skilled warriors in the country. Miaka then shouted, "those who have characters on their bodies, please raise your hand!" None of them did so, and Miaka tries to annoy them and the soldiers rush after her, with Tamahome following. Miaka and Tamahome have a brief conversation under the fallen building in with Tamahome states that he will always protect Miaka.

They are almost crushed, but a Celestial Warrior named Nuriko saves them and gives Tamahome a kiss. Nuriko tries to capture Tamahome but he eventually managed to escape, when Tamahome goes to the country to earn some money. Nuriko secretly follows. Tamahome then tries to sell the bubblegum given to him by Miaka on the day when they were in the dungeon. Some people debate this and suspect that it's fake but are soon proven otherwise. Then, a group of thugs corner him in an alleyway, stating he needed to pay a protection fee to do business in the area they try to bargain for Miaka and she takes it the wrong way tho Tamahome was staling for time with no intentions of selling her his true intention was to protect her. Miaka then confesses her feelings but Tamahome rejects them. Miaka falls down on a fever. Tamahome watches as Miaka rests on the palace, accompanied by Hotohori , who was furious at the thought why Miaka is sick. Suspecting that maybe Tamahome was the culprit, Tamahome simply says that he was just saving her from bandits.

Miaka is seriously ill, so Hotohori comes to the hard decision to send her home, using Taiitsukun a great mage. Hotohori tells Miaka of this, asking her to come back once she's well again. Outside, Nuriko accuses Tamahome of being jealous of Hotohori, telling him to apologize to Miaka so that Hotohori will be free for Nuriko. They set off to go to Taiitsukun, with a tense feeling between Miaka and Tamahome. That night, Nuriko tells Miaka to bathe in the spring near where they are camped. Nuriko tells Tamahome to go to the spring, saying Miaka asked him out there. Miaka undresses to bathe and her leg is caught by something she screams and Tamahome comes running, the thing that caught her leg was just a log. during the silence they both apologize. Tamahome is very embarrassed by Miaka's appearance. Tamahome leaves and Nuriko reveals herself. Miaka hugs Nuriko and Nuriko's top falls off enough to reveal she's a man. The next day, Hotohori and Miaka have a heart-to-heart discussion, which makes Tamahome and Nuriko jealous.

Episode 52

After they defeated Nakago, Miaka used her last wish to put the world back to normal instead wishing to be with Tamahome in her world. Miaka was deeply sad and was able to read Tamahome's letter for her. Tamahome embraced and kissed Miaka so hard as he disappeared.

Later on, Miaka passed in her exam. Keisuke and Tetsuya introduced her to Tamahome who was there to find her. Miaka was surprised and couldn't help but cry.


Tamahome and Miaka have been living in Miaka's world. They visited the grave of the priestess of Genbu while Tamahome heard something in his head. It was the priestess of Genbu who was asking for help. Then Tamahome was pulled back into the book again.

SeeOVA 1


Tamahome, as a child was bullied and picked at because of the demon symbol on his forehead. Tokaki , a Byakko Celestial warrior who was

The young Tamahome.

kicked out of his house because of his lecherous nature was traveling and saw that Tamahome was a Celestial Warrior. Tokaki then trained him so that he could protect his priestess someday.


Tamahome is reborn in the real world as Taka Sukunami by the Seven Jewels. In the end of the OVA 1, a glimpse of Tamahome who has their wedding ring (Miaka dropped the ring back to the book in the end of the OVA) and serves as a waiter in the restaurant where Miaka and Yui is.


Tamahome releases his Chi.

Tamahome is an adept martial artist trained by Tokaki, a very powerful member of the Byakko Seven; therefore he does not wield any weapon. When he is emotionally motivated, he can increase his battle skills with his chi, and can also channel his chi into energy blasts. Though it was apparently not shown during the series or in any of the installations, he is also an experienced swordsman.

Despite his prowess as a martial artist, Tamahome also displays wielding two various weaponry when he was brainwashed by Nakago by using one of his earrings. He first wields a single nunchaku when he severely hits Miaka's left arm during their encounter as well as knocking Miaka's ribbon to make the right half of her unadorned ox-horns let loose. He also uses in battle against Tasuki until Chichiri uses his power to return them back to Konan as the chains from his nunchaku finally breaks. Later, he wields a sword given to Hotohori when they battle each other in a sword duel to display his swordsmanship which Hotohori protects Miaka from being killed by him due to his brainwashed state.

Vocal Collection

"I've remembered my father's words, even in those lonely days when everything was lost: 'If the heart of a man can become a shield for his beloved, that alone is enough.'"
—Tamahome in Ai to Iu Na no Tataki ni...

Both Hikaru Midorikawa and Seki Toshihiko lent their voices to Tamahome's Vocal Collection, a compilation of songs sung by the con-man with a heart of gold for the Fushigi Yuugi Soundtrack in both the anime and drama CD.



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  • Tamahome's name is pronounced "Ta-ma-ho-me" but without any particular emphasis on any syllables.
  • Tamahome can often be found counting his money, and will obsess over a single lost coin. The only thing that can distract him from money is Miaka.
  • In the English dub his father is voiced over by Colin Baker.
  • For Valentine's Day in 1996, fans of the manga sent gifts to their favorite characters. Tamahome received 41 items, coming in fourth overall.


"But even if we are separated for now, I still believe. That someday, surely, I will meet you again. No, that I will find you again. I promise you. No matter how my appearance may change... and it takes thousands or ten thousands of years... No matter which world you're in, I will come to you again. Somehow, I know I'll reach you. And when I do, I will once again say to you... Wo Ai Ni."
—Tamahome to Miaka


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